Samsung Blackjack II Headphones

Samsung Blackjack II Headphones

Get the Ear Bud Headphones ($6.25 shipped)

Get the Soft Gel Headphones ($11.00 shipped)

Samsung Blackjack II HeadphonesI finally bit the bullet and bought another set of headphones for the Blackjack II because my old set was garbage. The new headphones purchased are Samsung branded and work like a charm.


  1. Cheap, they cost between $6.00 – $8.00 shipped.
  2. The adapter fits snugly into the Blackjack II, it doesn’t feel like it might come out at the slightest tug.
  3. The cord length is a great length, no too short, not too long.
  4. It has built-in hands-free. This includes a mic that works very well and a unobtrusive “answer” button.
  5. The ear-buds stay in your ears. I go running with my Blackjack II using these headphones and they rarely fall out.


  1. The Soft Gel headphones are rubbery, takes a little getting used to, not a big deal though
  2. Shipping cost more than the headphones themselves (annoying, but what can you do)

All in all, I love the new headphones and have tossed my old pair.

Samsung Blackjack II Headphones

28 Responses to “Samsung Blackjack II Headphones”

  1. jackblack Says:

    Just what I was looking for.


  2. dondiego Says:

    What is the sound quality like for an mp3 w/ at least a 128 bitrate?

  3. Greenkufi Says:

    Is it as in the photo that the connector wire points downwards when plugged in. I hate the included one because it points up making it difficult to manage the wire, and ugly (like I’ve got an antenna sticking out the side.

    Also, the included headphones are huge. Hurt my ears.

    If only we could charge it while having the headphones in.

    Thanks David for this one,

  4. endlessoul Says:

    I’ll echo Greenkufi’s sentiments here. Is there any way to charge while there’s a wired headset in? That seems like a design flaw.

  5. david Says:

    The connector points downward when plugged in.

    This set of headphones does not allow charging while the headphones are plugged in — I think i once saw a headset that allowed this but it looked very cheap in quality… I wish samsung would stop with the proprietary connector nonsense and put a mini-jack for audio-out.

  6. david Says:

    im no audiophile but i think the sound quality its good – id say on par with my ipod earbuds i was using previously.

  7. undataka Says:

    I had these headphones for 3 months now,I gotta say there the BEST. I can play my music then a call comes in,after the call then the music comes back on.

  8. young wing Says:

    I ordered mine from Amazon for $8.00 shipped over a week ago. Not here yet. Shipping is taking quite some time. Can’t wait to try them out.

  9. SMC21810 Says:

    I ordered mine a few days ago too. I can’t wait for them to come in! I also saw on there they have a 8GB microSD card for $19.99!! here’s the link:

    Thanks david for letting us know.

  10. young wing Says:

    I used them yesterday for the duration of a 1.5 hour phone call. My friend said she could hear me fine, and that I sounded clear. Volume coming from the BJ2 is great, it was at around the 40% level and I could hear fine. The only complaint I have is the ear pieces are not of solid foam, like all my other earbuds. They stay in my ear while I am sitting down, but we will see if they manage to stay while at the gym. I would rather them be foam to better help with noise cancellation.

    Overall…yes, they are worth the $8.00 and then some.

  11. Mjoe82 Says:

    I am a fan of these, but only when you are driving. I love the stereo sound of talking on the phone. I think that’s the coolest part. The only down fall is the fact that they really don’t seem to stay in your ears while you are moving around. Well worth the money though.

  12. spamisawaste Says:

    I bought a pair previously and use them on occasion. They don’t stay in my ears very well. Like any “in ear” earbuds, they don’t fit all users.

    I too hate the proprietary connectors – I would prefer to be able to use a standard Noice Cancellation pair of earphones. WAKE UP SAMSUNG! When you charge as much for your cellphones as you do, don’t try to nickel and dime customers like this.

  13. joeysBJ2 Says:

    I purchased the same style for my BJ1 and paid twice as much, they also sound Great. Just ordered one for my BJ2. Thanks :)

  14. young wing Says:

    I tried to use them at the gym today, it was a bad idea. I always run the cord up through under my shirt, but the button, the mic plus my shirt drag them down and make them fall out. If I want to use my phone to listen to music at the gym, I’ll have to find a pair that are just headphones. Had to resort to my ipod. They work great sitting at my desk and driving, however.

  15. grasuc Says:

    yup, they dont really stay in the ears when u move around but the sound quality iz awsome, waaay better than my old ones, good buy

  16. david Says:

    I run with my headphones and dont have a problem as long as use the clip to secure it to my shirt. Make sure the clip is between the earbuds and the button of course, so clip will remove the weight of the button from the equation.

  17. squirtreynolds Says:

    Ordered a set last wednesday and started using them today. I’m quite impressed with the quality/value. I can finally leave my ipod at home while working out. Thanks for the headsup!

  18. tkilla Says:

    i use the adapter with the new iphone headphones and liked them better than the samsung version..

  19. luke6393 Says:

    Got mine in yesterday. They are great. Very cheap, but good design and construction. Very satisfied.

  20. mlebeau Says:

    These are great. I always visit My BJ2 and stumbled across these. I had just got mine a few days ago and they work great. They cancel alot of outside noise and provide great sound quality. THANKS!!

  21. squirtreynolds Says:

    Great App for playlist modification, internet radio, etc (far superior to WMP imo)
    Pocket Tunes Deluxe

  22. konker Says:

    I bought mine for US$4.50 shipped…the real deal.
    Catch is I’m not in the US so it’s a lot cheaper where I’m & they are original parts.
    What I like about the one I got is that I can switch to using other 3.5mm headphones if I need better headphones.
    Also, the one I got is designed for the Samsung SGH-U908e available in Asia.
    Here’s the URL:

  23. manuel-323 Says:

    Great earphones good sound quality and the microphone is clear enough for an average conversation. plus it is a good deal at that price.

  24. bigdogshark62 Says:

    Wow… Even though the price has gone up (total to me was $12 including shipping), this is 200% better than the other set I have. I got a cheaper set, but the phones don’t stay in my ears. THESE are da BOMB, though. Because they’re rubber, and go INTO the ear, they stay where they’re supposed to, even when moving around. I’ll keep the others in a drawer, “just in case,” but these are a winner (and make a great Holiday stocking stuffer for those BJ2 users out there).

  25. ruthe Says:

    wow great deal! I own and LOVE the soft gel buds but I got them when I first got my phone & paid nearly $40 for ‘em. Never regretted it .. till now that is! ;) LOL

  26. joshfarted Says:

    hey, i was wondering if there was a difference between the regular ear buds, and the soft gel ones (besides the price and the obvious “soft gel” things)
    like. which do you prefer? is the quality different between the two?

    (sorry if it’s vague)

  27. david Says:

    josh, the only real difference between them is the part of headphone that sticks in your year. (There are a couple cosmetic differences, but they dont change anything).

    The ear buds are more like your typical ipod-esque earbud and sit on top of your ear cannal, where as the softgel are more noise-cancelling as they sit in your ear canal. I actually like the soft-gel but thats because once i cram them in my ear, there stick in there pretty darn well and i have to give the cable a pretty good tug to knock them out. It is alittle strange getting used to the soft-gels because they are rubbers and feel alittle strange in your ear.

    Theyre both good, its just a matter of personal preference more or less.

  28. joshfarted Says:

    thanks david ^^.
    i bought the soft gel ones same day i posted my previous question, and i received it today.
    i love them already haha