Ilium Screen Capture

Ilium Screen Capture


This lightweight application takes screenshots of your Blackjack 2. I use this application to generate all the Blackjack 2 screen captures on this site.

Screen captures are saved as /My Documents/shotXXX.bmp

4 Responses to “Ilium Screen Capture”

  1. zman2100 Says:

    Make sure if you download this that you be careful not to lock your phone while this program is running. The default screen capture button is * which happens to be the same button that you use as the final step in unlocking your phone. Therefore, if your phone is locked and Ilium is running, it is impossible to unlock because * takes screen captures instead of unlocking. If you lock your phone a lot, your best bet is to change the screen capture button to something other than *, or else you may find yourself pulling the battery out of your phone to reset it :-)

  2. ericrn Says:

    Cool beans, luv it!

  3. shoey01 Says:

    Great program… Is there a way to change where the pictures are saved?

  4. Kazel Says:

    I installed, but all I can get is a grey screen. What did I do wrong?