SDA Application Unlocker

SDA Application Unlocker

Direct Download (Download Page)

Canadian Fido/Rogers Blackjack II users do NOT use the SDA Application unlocker – reportedly, it will prevent your from making phone calls. Check the comments and forums for more details.

Application unlock your Blackjack 2 with SDA Application Unlocker. Application unlocking your phone will allow your Smartphone to run unsigned code (software that has not be “sanctioned” by Microsoft .. aka all the good software). Application unlocking your phone will also allow you to modify previously read-only files on your Smartphone and change registry settings.

To run SDA Application Unlocker, Download it to your Windows computer, connect your Blackjack 2 to your computer via USB/ActiveSync and then run SDA Application Unlocker from Windows (You cannot run SDA Application Unlocker from your smartphone)

Additional Sources:

  1. MoDaCo Forums (must register, look around Post #26 on the linked page for more information)
  2. XDA Developer Forums (must register to download, look around the Post #1 on the linked page for more information)

I am unclear about the legality of hosting this file (I can’t find the developer web site speaking to the how it is licensed) so I have removed it from my servers. The file can be easily acquired by using the “Direct Download” link above, or by googling “SDA_ApplicationUnlocker.exe”. If it possible to purchase this application from the creator then I endorse that option.

40 Responses to “SDA Application Unlocker”

  1. RamanHeera Says:

    how do you remove this program from your phone?

  2. david Says:

    You do a Hard Reset. SDA Application Unlocker doesnt install anything persay – it just modifies some registry entries.

  3. jtncat Says:

    Is there any way to verify that the SDA install worked? Thanks, jt

  4. david Says:

    After running it, if the SDA Application locker tells you that SDA device (your phone) has been unlocked its unlocked. You can test this by trying to delete/move am AT&T shortcut from your start menu.

  5. tufelhundin Says:

    I’m having trouble using the SDA App Unlocker. I ran it, and it says “Unlocked” — but I can’t delete the AT&T Mall icon in the start menu. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  6. will Says:

    is there any way to reset the lock to factory settings? and when i run the unlocker it says, “removing the application lock from your phone might allow programs such as dialers to run without your concern>” what are these dialers it speaks of?

  7. gaunt08 Says:

    now if i use the sda app unlocker is there anyway to get the lock back
    if i dont want the unlock anymore

  8. FSUNole96 Says:

    Please Help!! I’ve tried both the modaco app unlock and SDA. My blackjack 2 says install unsuccessful each time I try. The SDA says it worked but i cant tell. How do i delete the att icons on the start menu?

  9. david Says:

    FSUNole, Have you tried following these directions: ??

  10. juancarlos Says:

    has any fido/rogers users had any problems such as no audio during calls after installing sda unlocker?

  11. torontosv Says:

    juancarlos – i am wondering the same thing!

  12. juancarlos Says:

    torontosv check this forum out.

  13. TMskates Says:

    so im concluding that installing the SDA unlocker is a BAD idea if you have a fido(which i do) or rogers BJ. but i am getting very frustrated because i cant install any applications period in this thing, i havnt done anything to it but take it out of the box. im wondering if this is just an issue with my phone or others are having the same problem with the fido phone? any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  14. david Says:

    TMskates – what applications have you tried to install that don’t work?

  15. TMskates Says:

    ive tried installing SPBattMet (Battery Meter), SMS bubbles (came up with an error message saying “necessary priviledged certificate could not be found”… still installed, but the app doesnt work), and MoDaCo GPS Hack/Application unlocker

  16. fofomatik44 Says:

    Hey im from canada and my phone is issued by fido…i wanted to know if instead of using the SDA application unlocker there was another program available

  17. david Says:

    fofo – not that I know of :( Try the forums – there are some good Canadian threads in there that might have your answer.

  18. Raiderboi22 Says:

    Hi i’m new to this but i have a question about my BJII what is a good program to use to unlock my GPRS and proxy setting cuz right now i can’t access mobile IE

  19. Raiderboi22 Says:

    just so you know i’m running WM.6.1 and it seems the only way i can aceess the internet is connecting a usb cable

  20. squishyelias Says:

    is there a way to re application lock your phone because when i unlocked my phone it said that i may use the dialer without me knowing it freaked me out

  21. david Says:

    squish – the only way is to back up your data and perform a factory reset on your phone.

  22. jordaannbabyyyy Says:

    How do you go back from 6.1 to 6.0? I really want version 6.0 back!!

  23. Peti Says:

    I just want to clear one thing: I am a Fido costumer but using an unlocked AT&T BJ2 with windows mobile 6.1. I cant see or launch application (.exe) files to install GPS maps. Should I or should I not install this unlocker?

  24. Peti Says:

    Update: I installed the unlocker but still the exe files are not visible under my stuff/storage card. It is visible with file explorer but will not launch to install maps. Help please……

  25. Peti Says:

    Update: If anybody reads these pages. my post is still waiting moderation after 11 days. Anyway. I got the Garmin GPS going from the awesome guide from here so that’s solved. The only thing that pisses me off that I still cant see and or launch exe files.

  26. m1k32477 Says:

    what do i open it in

  27. cbeck Says:

    @ Peti: any .exe files you have, which were intended as mobile software must be run from your desktop/laptop PC while your phone is connected via active sync. WinMo OS is not designed to run executable files.

  28. mattj37 Says:

    do i need this to run the pocketsnes or genesis emulators?

  29. theblackestjack Says:

    Just to make sure, im on wm6.1 and on Fido and everything worked fine with the SDA unlocker. Not sure if im just lucky but ive had no problems with calls or downloading programs. but this is my second time using the SDA unlocker and everything worked fine

  30. pabloigc Says:

    i actually can’t download de SDA unlocker file.. is there anywhere else that i can find that file? thanks

  31. mgs531 Says:

    Strange, the first BJII I upgraded to 6.1 didn’t need this program, but the second one is giving me the “registryKey” errors and appears to need it. HOWEVER, I too can download this program using the provided link — it just takes me to a screen that states “This website has been suspend temporarily for some reason”. Is there any other source for this download??

  32. mgs531 Says:

    Sound have said “I too CAN’T download this program …”

  33. cesargabrielg Says:

    will i be able to use different SIM card carriers once i install this in my phone? i mean will it unlock the SIM usage on any smart Phone?

  34. silicon Says:


    Kindly send me the This file is no longer available in the download page.


  35. The_Hobbit Says:

    hey people, i got a quick question.. does this app allow me to install LEDAlerts fully without the prompt of a activation code after the 7 day trail is done?

  36. bear39153 Says:

    unfortunately, the site is gone for good, it seems. there’s still hope from xda though.

  37. holly Says:

    i could not get sda to unlock my phone. it said phone is not unlockable. I also could not get any other program to work because my phone would not allow me to install any programs because they didnt have system permissions. Anyhow I found a program that worked just download it, install it, then remove it and you’ll be able to download cab files no prob.

  38. Ji Says:


  39. Virginia Says:

    Hello there,
    I have an i616/i617 by Rogers in Canada that came with 6.0 but I upgraded to 6.1.
    I installed Google Maps from the link in this web site and it worked after I re-started the phone. So, for Windows Mobile 6.1, no Aplication Unlocker or GPSTest is necessary.
    BUT, I wanted to get RID of those time consuming animations, so after lots of searching, I found this unlocker by Mobile Jaw here (make sure you choose the file at the bottom for NON touch screen phones)
    I loaded it into my phone, and it worked with no issues.
    Then, I came back here and downloaded the hack to get rid of the animations and worked PERFECT with no need to reboot. No problems placing calls and or hearing them.
    BTW, I had before the audio issue when placing and/or receiving calls and it is a 6.1 bug, not a concequence of a hack.
    Hope this helps many…

  40. 123 Says:

    Need to know how to install a CAB file