Windows Mobile 6.1 Does Not Need Application Unlock?

Windows Mobile 6.1 Does Not Need Application Unlock?

On Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard, in order to modify restricted files on the Blackjack II, the phone has to be Application Unlocked. It appears that in Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard these files/folders/registries are already unlocked so there is no need to Application Unlock a Blackjack II upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1.

I’ve tried a handful of hacks/mods out that originally required an Application Unlock and they all appear to work without and Application Unlock in Windows Mobile 6.1.

If anyone runs into a situation that requires their phone to be application unlocked (can’t write files, modify registry entries, etc.) Please add a comment to this post.

Also – If you’ve newly upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1, I suggest you try out GPS without using the MoDaCo GPS Application Unlocker Hack and see if it works (I am going to try this and report back).

If you download/try something out on this site and it works in Windows Mobile 6.1, please leave a comment saying it works in Windows Mobile 6.1. I am working on a system for tagging posts as WM6.1-compatible and your feedback would be very helpful!

List of applications/games/hacks that NEED to your Blackjack II to be application unlocked:

  • MoDaCo No Data (Unlock Blackjack II with SDA Application Unlocker to get MoDaCo No Data to run)
  • AT&T and CV button replacement – Some users (including myself) are unable to modify files in the /Windows directory. Will require application unlocking phone.
  • TCPMP requires special WM 6.1 version.

Thanks and hope everyone is enjoying their Windows Mobile 6.1 installs!

171 Responses to “Windows Mobile 6.1 Does Not Need Application Unlock?”

  1. King_Fisher Says:

    I ran into a minor issue with Garmin XT, in which COM Port 4 was not available or displaying. Rather than using the MoDaCo unlock, I used Microsoft GPSID. Set COM 4 then nothing under Hardware, and BAUD 9600. Corrected the issue immediately. Works better than before, as I picked up 9 satellites in the house within a few minutes. Microsoft GPSID can be found for download with a quick google search.

  2. spitfire3088 Says:

    I’ve d/l Bue Hue Express and the HTC theme and they are working on 6.1

  3. DonDal71 Says:

    I had no issues getting GPS working with Google maps without the GPS unlocker on 6.1 or on 6.0 (my phone came pre-unlocked I think). It was the first app I installed after the 6.1 upgrade and when I activated the GPS it found the signal almost immediately. The only thing I used the GPS unlocker for was to add COM4 so I could use it with Efficasoft GPS Utils and Chartcross GPS Test. Those apps would not find my GPS until I created the COM4 with the unlocker. As with others, I noticed the GPS works extremely fast. It used to take up to 5min to find the satellites.

    I also was able to install all sorts of things without any app unlocker. It just gave me a warning that said the apps were not certified or something to that effect. I originally posted that I was not able to modify the AT&T shortcuts and such on the start menu, but after I disconnected and reconnected in activesync that started working fine. My issue with the Registry Editor not working was my problem and it was fixed by running the app from my desktop instead of from a mapped drive.

    I have yet to run into anything that is not working for me.

  4. NorCalZman Says:

    Ok, everything I reloaded works fine. This includes:
    Google maps
    Windows live search
    Kevtris 2.0
    Reversi (that othello type game on this site)
    SMS bubbles (thank GOD)
    Skyfire Beta
    Opera Mini

  5. priscillaxtran Says:

    Pac Man
    Tetris, Reversi
    Base Hue Express
    Alpha-Dial Cheat Sheet
    Disable Text/SMS Notification Message
    Disable Startup And Shutdown Animations/Sounds
    Increase Max Ringtone Size from 300KB to 25MB

    all work on my phone after the upgrade.

  6. jesserulz233 Says:

    Ok. I just installed Windows Live Search on my Blackjack II running 6.1 and the GPS worked perfect. I just told it to Center on Location and if found me within 10 seconds. I LOVE IT!

  7. phrosty Says:

    So it now supports Assisted GPS. I notice every time I launch Garmin it opens up a data connection! I don’t have a data plan so the charges are pretty steep when I use it – anyone know if there’s a way to turn it off? I got Garmin specifically so I wouldn’t have to use data :/

  8. zman2100 Says:

    are all of the emulators working properly on the upgrade?

  9. dwhitstanek Says:

    I did the update last night. So far I haven’t seen anything that hasn’t worked but I haven’t installed everything back on yet.

    First thing I tried last night was installing the MoDaCo GPS unlocker and then seeing if I could get GPS on google maps working. No luck, was disapointed….this morning, I removed the GPS application unlocker, restarted google maps and it locks on to 7 GPS satellites within 5 seconds. I’m very happy with this.

    Also love the threaded text messaging.

  10. Kaishio Says:

    I haven’t needed to unlock anything either. So far, everything I’ve tried has worked except for TCPMP. PocketNesterPlus seems to work fine too.

  11. Snickolaz Says:

    I just tried the NES emulator and it works just like it did in the old days of Windows Mobile 6. But I’m having a problem, when I was at home I could check my email and all of that good stuff, but now I’m in 3G land at work and I can’t check my email, but I can still get on and surf the internet. Any ideas? I tried to go and change the proxy settings, but it says it’s pre-configured and won’t let me change them or even view them. Any ideas?

  12. sm0kin Says:

    I updated last night with out problem. tried the ICS and couldnt get it to work. used the modaco gps unlock and ics works no problem now.

  13. ViperBorg Says:

    You can now set your homepage in IE now.

  14. lukef1478 Says:

    does anyone know if the SMS BUBBLES will work on wm 6.1 ????

  15. alamerican Says:

    Snickolaz, apparently the Northeast through the Midwest on ATT is having data problems. I updated to 6.1 last night and had no problem synching Exchange via Medianet. Then this morning I couldn’t connect.

    See Gizmodo for more info

  16. Snickolaz Says:

    Yeah it just started working, so I got all paranoid for nothing. But I did find in the registry how to unlock all the connection settings, it was easy, all you have to do is change the Read Only value from a 1 to a 0. If you go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-Comm-ConnMgr-Providers then the second one down and then Connections is where they were for me. Then if you wanted to do it for the Proxy it is the second to the bottom in the Providers part.

    Thanks again for the help!

  17. alamerican Says:

    yeah, i did the exact same thing. got paranoid, started unlocking all the connection settings since i thought the problem lied within there and then saw the post about data problems. i’m back up and running now too (in washington dc).

  18. wayoinc128 Says:

    Ok, i dont know why this is happening, but my internet was working for the first few minutes after i installed, 6.1, and then it started to say ERROR- the remote party has ended this connection. now i cant even go to the home page or even use google maps, BUT i know for sure it was fine the first few minutes. Anythoughts?? Also, i use the unlocked BJ2, so i dont have AT&T, so could anyone find out how i can delete all the preconfigured connections under settings/connections/GPRS and Proxy? i did it before when it was old 6.0 windows, so this can reassure me that its not trying to connect through the old AT&T config. THANKS TO ANYONE WHO CAN HELP!!!

    Also, i did the microsoft GPSID and set it to com4 and BAUD 9600, but its not picking up any signal, but no big deal since i can use the MoDaCo GPS unlock and it will work with Garmin. Anyone else know of a setting that will get the GPS to work through GPSID?

  19. wayoinc128 Says:

    Also, i even went through and save all the settings for my internet connection under GPRS and Proxy and reentered them after the update and it worked for the few minutes.

  20. im.bchan01 Says:

    TCPMP doesn’t seem to work with 6.1…did anyone else get it to work? and if not, what other media players are good to use besides windows media player 10 or whatever.

  21. cof999 Says:

    For anyone that has Garmin Mobile xt, did you have to re-install the program or did it come back to normal after the backup and re-upload of all the files. I think I have mine installed on my microSD but I’m not quite sure, the .exe might be on the phone with the maps and whatnot being on the card.

  22. Kaishio Says:

    cof999 – I did not have to reinstall Garmin Mobile XT. It ran from my storage card fine, just like it had before.

  23. SmartAssPhone Says:

    This is true Joy – GPS connects in 1/4 the time it used to, everything seems unlocked -my GPS was open when I got the phone with 6.0, or somehow Windows Live opened the connection for me. The Voice Command is making my day – I was gonna get it for $40 from Microsoft, my friends both Have Motorola Q 9c’s with Voice. Try this: Say “Play Album by ” Exactly like that, the word “album” and the specific name of a band that you have mutiple albums from. It will read off the list, you say one, it plays – neat!

    I wonder – now that it’s out, how long till Samsung puts up a revised users guide. It would be nice to see documentation on the new features. Question- Will running SMS Bubbles affect the native threaded SMS?

  24. topherO6 Says:

    Unless I totally messed up installing it, SRS Surround Sound did not work. It completely muted my phone until I uninstalled it. Anyone know of another program to boost sound?

  25. dwhitstanek Says:

    Really enjoying 6.1

    Has anyone figured out how to adjust the scroll wheel?

  26. SmartAssPhone Says:

    Yes – The scroll wheel “Speed Value” shown as an add to this update is available when you go through settings, Key Settings, Wheel Key Speed – Available values are High & Low – I prefer high, since that wheel is a slippery bugger. Now, in the same section, acd SOMEONE tell me what the ^%$# Vanity Dialing is? LOL!

  27. dwhitstanek Says:

    thanks SmartAss

  28. omarone Says:

    I just finished the update this morning and so far seems like most the apps/mods on this site work just fine. I am digging the fast scroll wheel option!

  29. Shadow Says:

    # phrosty Says:
    September 3rd, 2008 at 6:10 am

    So it now supports Assisted GPS. I notice every time I launch Garmin it opens up a data connection! I don’t have a data plan so the charges are pretty steep when I use it – anyone know if there’s a way to turn it off? I got Garmin specifically so I wouldn’t have to use data :/

    I believe there was a mod/hack you could download to disable your data transfers.. if not I know that there is a way to do it. I actually have my data network disabled by ATT.. so I don’t think that would effect me? Would it work fine without the assisted GPS? Garmin comes in handy when i get lost :D

  30. SmartAssPhone Says:

    HEY!! I know why they made us wait forever and a day to release this. When you boot the phone, you now get a nice “SAMSUNG” boot screen for a few secs. That alone must have cost us a month of waiting!

  31. marcelmaieda Says:

    Please..i’d like to know if i can do this upgrade with a blackjack II i617 from another carrier (Vivo- Brazil). (in brazil the information about bjII running wm6.1 its not true…thats why id like to upgrade).

    The upgrade will cause troubles for me? My SIM card wont work? Only for AT&T? ( I know theres a notice saying thats only for Samsung BlackJackII offering to AT&T wireless..but…I was wondering that its not a 100% true)

  32. cof999 Says:

    cool, thanks Kaishio

  33. alamerican Says:

    SmartAssPhone – Vanity dialing is dialing a phone number with Alpha characters…like 1-800-XMRADIO. So once its enabled (since we don’t have touch screen phones with number pad screens) you don’t have to figure out what the numbers are behind the Alpha characters. Just dial normally and when you get to the Alpha characters hit the “Fn” key and spell out the characters.

  34. rico Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I never realized it until ‘marcelmaieda’ asked the question. I just purchased a new UNLOCKED Blackjack II (which should be arriving in the next few days.. kinda excited). I’m located in Canada (Rogers Wireless network). I found this site a couple of days ago and was thrilled to learn about the 6.1 update before I got my phone. However, I too am now wondering if this update will be specific to AT&T ?

    I’ve currently got an HTC P3600 and have done many ROM installs (cooked ROMS) and they are not carrier specific but I guess I have to ask the question as this ROM is in fact put out by AT&T. Will I have any problems?

    Please advise,


  35. jdimer Says:

    For god sake marcelmaieda!

    Don’t say my post is not true, without checking it out! Heres the link to Sumsung Brazil:

    Next time, please, pay more attention before post.

  36. marcelmaieda Says:


    Hey..take it easy.

    Sorry…but Im not talking about your post….

    Samsung Brazil made some modifications…but p example, the homescreen its not the same in the wm6.1 released.
    The WM6 that is in the i617 on sale in brazil has the internet sharing and some other minor stuffs…I really dont know what happens here…but its not the same wm6.1….

    Believe me… I bought my i617 two weeks ago… and i know other users that dont have the 6.1 either…

    But thats not the case…. All i want to you is the same that rico asked.

    I saw the notice in the download center that says its an upgrade for i617 AT&T…..and not for any other model such 607… but the notice dont say in clear words that is specific for at&t.

    The SIM CARD will be blocked for AT&T only?

  37. sneetch Says:

    Hey Rico. I’m also a Canadian, just moved to Australia, and my BlackJack II came from the states (so it’s at&t branded). YES, the ROM on the American Samsung site is AT&T specific, but it’s not really a problem. I’ve already had to modify the phone for Fido in Canada, and the Optus network here in OZ. So, as long as you’re comfortable with a little tweaking, you should be ok I think.

    The only snag I found was that the three default AT&T GPRS connections are locked and can’t be deleted. I dug around a bit and discovered the registry key that will unlock them. Snickolaz beat me to posting it, so just check that post further up in this thread. :) One thing to add to it though. I found that modifying the Read-Only key DOES NOT work from a phone-based registry editor (I use PHM Registry Editor). You HAVE to use a PC based editor like BreakSoft’s Mobile Registry editor available for download on this site.

    Also, you’ll have to find out what the proper Rogers GPRS settings are to get data and MMS working. A quick google search should fix that right up. Cheers!

  38. marcelmaieda Says:

    ”all i want to ask…”

  39. bigd9000 Says:

    If anyone has not found this out yet YOUTUBE MOBILE WORKS WITH WINDOWS MEDIA PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!! Just to let you guys know!!! I will feel bad if im the only one.

  40. jesstuck5 Says:

    Has anyone had any luck installing the google search bar on the sliding home screen? I installed it and can see it in the settings-display-home screen menu, BUT on the actual sliding home screen it’s not visible. I like to be able to search google from my phones’ home screen like in WM 6.0 without first going to internet explorer (IE)

    In the meantime I assinged a FN key to launch (IE) which I made Google my IE homepage. Is there anyway to change the AT&T symbol (to the right of the CAPS SHIFT button) to launch IE instead of the AT&T media net? OR Launch IE with one button rather than FN and a button?

    Also, I noticed on

    that there was an “Optional licensable component” for remote desktop for windows mobile 6.1 NON-touch screen devices. It appears it was not included in the standard edition. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get this component and add it?

  41. devilot Says:

    Alpha Dial Cheat Sheet, Kevtris, SPVMan, PocketSNES, and the Screen Capture app are all working totally fine under 6.1 for me. In addition, NomiGPSPlot is working with just Microsoft GPSID instead of the MoDaCo GPS/App unlock hack.

  42. devilot Says:

    Oops, NoniGPSPlot!

  43. cof999 Says:

    i asked this in the other forum, but this one seems to be more exciting, has anyone gotten the voice command thing to work? If you did, how? thanks.

  44. bjelen Says:

    MoDaCo No Data does not work on 6.1

  45. jtn04 Says:


    i got the no data to work on 6.1.

    did you install the sda unlocker.

  46. Astro Boy Says:

    This update does not work on BlackJackII SGH-i616 (from Fido or Roger Canada).
    It stops the update process with a message “S/W version is wrong, Please check the device”.
    Anyone knows will there be an update (WM6.1) for this BJ2 i616 version? Why there are two different versions i616 and i617? But they both called, “BlackJackII”. All applications worked perfectly on i616 from this site, but the WM6.1 update. Weird! So don’t waste time to try this update.

  47. rico Says:


    Thanks so much for the reply… that’s good news because I just bought my AT&T branded but unlocked Blackjack II from the USA!

    I have an HTC P3600 (Windows Pocket PC phone running Windows Mobile 6.1 pro) so I think I should be fine with the manual settings of creating MMS, and GPRS/3G connections.

    Thanks mate!


  48. devilot Says:

    Could someone please post simple directions for Voice Command? When I browse to it from the Start menu it simply goes to the setup. I have no idea how to actually activate it. Do you have to have a Bluetooth headset in order to activate it?

  49. IMrGoodBarI Says:

    Pac Man
    Tetris, Reversi
    Disable Text/SMS Notification Message
    Increase Max Ringtone Size from 300KB to 25MB
    Windows Live Search
    Has any figured out a way to change the My Photos Sliding Panel Media on the Home screen to a different folder because I save all my pics on my memory card

  50. canadian357 Says:

    Do we get wi-fi with this update?!

  51. DonDal71 Says:

    Not sure what it is called, but press and hold the AT&T globe button in the lower left corner of the keypad, the one that starts the medianet home page if pressed quickly. That will set the voice command to listen mode indicated by the microphone (if it is enabled). It will pretty much only listen for a few seconds for a command then will stop again. If you go into the Voice Commander (setup) on the start menu there is a help section on the softkey menu. It pulls up local web files in IE that have instructions on how to use it and common voice commands. It is pretty much only really useful with a bluetooth headset I think. I don’t have one, but I hear that most headsets have a voice command listen button on them that is designed to be used with voice commander. I have gotten it working without a headset to do things like lookup contacts, dial contacts, dial numbers and start progams. It just doesn’t seem that much easier than doing it manually to me. Maybe with some practice it will get easier.

  52. canadian357 Says:

    One more question. Has anyone on here with the Fido (canada) version of the Blackjack 2 gotten this to work without a hitch? Is it worth the risk?

  53. ordepo79 Says:

    Restart your computer if you are getting an error message on the Sync Device Center after you installed WM 6.1. Connect the usb to the Blackjack and open up the Device Center (you’ll have to reset the checkboxes that you want to sync).

  54. Malibu Says:

    Ok so, it still needs to be app unlocked for a few apps, none of the ones on this site, but my overclock app needed me to unlock the phone to use it.

  55. Malibu Says:

    OH and the MoDaCo unlocker didn’t work for this app, only the SDA unlocker did

  56. gbrown Says:

    Do the “Increase System Peformance” and “Increase Graphics Performance” cab files work with this 6.1 upgrade? If so, is that with or without unlocking it first?

  57. thecanfield Says:

    // All of the following worked for me w/o any problems
    Google Maps
    Alpha-Dial Cheat Sheet // Now unnecessary w/ the vanity dial feature.

    // Garmin Mobile XT and GPS test required me to install Microsoft GPSID and set the folloing settings
    // This information i got from the very first post by King_Fisher
    Program Port => COM4
    Hardware Port => (None)
    Hardware Port Boud Rate => 9600
    Manage Automatically => [Checked]

  58. Indigo_Montoya Says:

    Ok, So I am loving the new layout and Home Screen Interface, however I have a question. When using the “Sliding Media Panel” Display, there is a My Photos and Music section. By default the Music points to your Media Player Library, which is fine, but the My Photos points to My Documents\My Pictures. All of my photos are stored on my SD Card, and there is no way to get it to point at a new location. I dug around in the Registry and found the following entry:


    There is an images folder below that, and I tried editing the entries to Point at my SD card, no luck. Anyone else have any ideas?

    **Note I did not app unlock my phone prior to trying, simply because all my hacks and programs have run since the 6.1 update without the need to perform an app unlock.

  59. mtb1210 Says:

    what are all the cons with WM6.1 vs WM6?

  60. rfadream Says:

    can anyone tell me if SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09 works with 6.1?

  61. nw_mr2 Says:

    I had to use SDA Unlocker to get OMapClock to work. Once that was done, it runs like a charm at 276Mhz.

    rfadream – I can confirm that it ‘works’ – although it seems to be freezing more than it did in 6.0… I’m not done playing with it yet though.

  62. Indigo_Montoya Says:

    Also, On a second note… is anyone else having issues now with connecting to the internet? Since the 6.1 update I have found that my internet connection randomly will tell me ?The remote party has ended the connection” I end up needing to “reboot” the phone to get connectivity back. This is not while using ICS, just keeping my OTA sync with Exchange going or doing random browsing from the phone.

  63. devilot Says:


    Thank you for the reply!

  64. nw_mr2 Says:

    ICS does the same “Remote party has ended the connection”, but internet on the device itself works fine.

    ALSO: RunTweak requires unlocking to apply tweaks.

  65. acjunglist702 Says:


    I’ve tried SmartToolkit 1.00-RC09 and the right softkey (Tasks) locks up my phone everytime. I did have the Home screen set to “Sliding Panel” so I’m thinking that’s probably the reason. The Sliding Panel theme has an active right softkey for every panel so there’s probably a conflict there. I haven’t tested it with a different Home Screen cause I’m diggin the Sliding interface too much :)

    Sucks cause I really like SmartTookit :(


  66. rfadream Says:

    oh wow that is a bummer i really like smarttoolkit

  67. rfadream Says:

    if anyone finds a fix for that smarttoolkit + right soft key error please post here. thanks

  68. bigd9000 Says:

    Hey Indigo.When using the sliding media panels homescreen, and you want the pictures panel to point to your sd card. just go to file explorer and make a folder called pictures. that’s it “pictures”. make sure it is in the main directory of your card. and not into my documents somewhere. so then just copy all your pictures over to pictures folder and the panel will now have your pictures in it.

  69. Indigo_Montoya Says:

    @ bigd9000

    Wow, do I feel like a nub. That worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip.

  70. ohmaynitseric Says:

    Has anyone tried the LED Alerts if it works on 6.1 as well?

  71. IMrGoodBarI Says:

    bigd9000 thanks that worked perfectly

  72. bakedlimabeans Says:

    Here’s the link to a recompiled file of TCPMP that will work with WM 6.1.

  73. quikser Says:

    Yep, LEDAlerts works fine — it was the first program I installed after my update last night :)

  74. jtn04 Says:

    off subject but is it me or is the video playback worse on 6.1?

  75. troy Says:

    ohmay, yeah LED Alerts work just as awesomely on 6.1

  76. kvp1192 Says:

    hey, im running WM 6.1, and i tried to load TCPMP, and it doesnt show up, and the new one for 6.1 shows up as a .zip file, and when i extract, it doesnt show up.

  77. kvp1192 Says:

    actually, i cant view any .cab files…and when i take the card back out and into the computer again, i get teh encfiltlog.menc whats goin on?

  78. jrizaldo Says:

    TCPMP for WM 6.1

    works fine.

  79. jrizaldo Says:

    what NoniGPSPlot version is working for 6.1?

  80. liufeng Says:

    it’s strange that suddenly the files stored in storage card CAN NOT be read, blackjack can read out file list only… meanwhile I can copy nothing into storage card.

    especially my photos, one golden locker icon shows at the corner of each photo Thumbnail

    I can edit/copy/delete…. files through my card reader….

    any idea? thanks!

  81. j0nni Says:

    I am using Opera Mobile 8.65 wonderfully with 6.1.

  82. loupen Says:

    will my home screen themes still work? will this erase all my exisiting apps and hacks? (roms, etc)

  83. Snickolaz Says:

    I just found this program, that works like a chizamp on my phone! It’s a free program that lets you stream live from your phone to this website. You can do all sorts of stuff with it, and it’s just a sweet free program!

  84. loupen Says:

    6.0 themes still work? what about all the apps and cracks and hacks?

  85. j0nni Says:

    loupen read all the comments and you will see which programs and hacks and what not work.

  86. sthax9 Says:

    installed 6.1 but couldn’t get syncmate to hook up, still says that I need to “Application Unlock”

  87. BULLPUP12564 Says:

    Please help.
    I had work upgrade my ATT BJ2 to the 6.1. the screen did not look any different. When I typed in the *#1234# key both the phone and the PDA versions say i617UCHH2 yet the windows version still said 6.0. I did a hard reset thinking that was an issue since my favorites were sstill on the phone. I ended uo losing all my security certificates. I gave the phone back to IT and they put they certificates back on the phone yet the windows version is still 6.1.

    I plan on following the instructions this weeknd at my house but am uncertian if dashwire would back up these settings. What info would I nned to take of the phone in order to sync my email with my company? What does a certifacate look like? Any help would be appreciated. THank you

  88. DJ-Anakin Says:

    @phrosty Try this: Will turn off your data connection at your will.

    The only thing not working for me that I really want is teh CV/AT&T buttons. Sad. :(

    Everything else works fine.

    How can I delete all these demo Java apps?

  89. DJ-Anakin Says:

    Don’t know if any of this was possible on 6.1, but here’s some stuff i found:

    Hold down the CV button and it goes to power management.
    Hold down the Camera button and it goes to a zoom mode.
    Hold down the Messaging [the envelope] button and it turns off the screen.


  90. david Says:

    I believe you can modify the AT&T/CV hardbuttons .. read through the comments on the Replace AT&T and CV button hacks post.. It sounds like people are doing it with relative ease … I tried but for whatever reason my Windows directory is locked, i will try unlocking my phone w the SDA Application Unlocker and try again.

  91. k3n Says:

    all of the above programs that worked, also, worked for me. In addition, the NES, SNES, SEGA emulators works just like they did with 6.0.

    What didnt work for me is oldsaps speakerphone hack. It didnt work for me on 6.0 and still didnt work for me on 6.1.

  92. devilot Says:


    NoniGPSPlot 2.73 works just fine under WM 6.1.

  93. Gaspard Says:

    Does anyone know of a way to install the SRS WOW driver? I tried it and it absolutely does not work on WM 6.1. Is there some sort of workaround that would work? I’m dying here, I use my phone as an alarm clock, and it’s too quiet! Or does someone know of a way to significantly boost the volume?? Help!

  94. crazy24hraday Says:

    the ring tones on my sd card wont work for ring tones it says i have to move them to the phone in the my sounds folder does anyone know a work around for this? i have to many ring tones on sd card to put on the phone. thanks.

  95. DJ-Anakin Says:


    Thanks. Got it.

    For anyone wanting to fix your AT&T and CV buttons, CV.exe is now CellularVideo.exe, and MediaNet.exe is now just MediaNet.lnk.

  96. markiemark Says:

    Does anyone know how to run the “getting started center”? I can’t find it anywhere. It appeared when the rom update was done, but I had to reboot per the instructions and I never did see the “getting started center” again.

  97. david Says:

    markiemark, I assume youre using Vista .. To launch the “Getting Started Center”, Goto Start > Control Panel > Windows Mobile Device Center (or WMDC for short) .. Sometimes anti-virus/firewall software will prevent your Blackjack II from connecting to WMDC. I had this problem with my work laptop until IT fixed the anti-virus settings.

  98. markiemark Says:

    No, I have XP. The getting started center ran on the BJII after the rom update, maybe I have mis-named it. It was like a wizard, the MS site showed it as a sliding panel I believe, like this:

  99. 1999ZX2 Says:

    How do you boost the sound on this new 6.1 upgrade…. Me and Gaspard are both using these Blackjack II devices as alarm clocks for work I can imagine and the sound is just to low right now to hear….. Any software upgrades for the audio boost….?


  100. sneetch Says:

    ICS Hack! Hey gang, apologies if this is so basic everyone figured it out already…. Anyway, if you’re like me and using the AT&T WM 6.1 upgrade on a network other than AT&T, you might discover that ICS doesn’t work. Basically, you probably blew away the pre-configured GPRS connections and replaced them with the ones for your network. This upgrade pre-sets ICS to use “AT&T ISP” in the registry. But, here’s the fix…

    1. Make sure you have an internet connection for your network set up under Settings>Connections>GPRS. We’ll assume it’s called “Blah Internet”

    2. Using Mobile registry editor, find the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\InternetSharing\Settings

    3. You’ll see a value called ForceCellConnection. Delete that sucka!

    4. Now when you start ICS it will have an extra option at the bottome where you can choose the connection you want. Simply select “Blah Internet” and got to town. :)

  101. duckie Says:

    Has anyone gotten Skype working yet? I tried 2 times and on each occasion it died with attempting to start.

  102. jackblack11 Says:

    If anyone could shed some light on my current situation it would be much obliged. Ever since i upgraded to windows mobile 6.1 i cannot receive MMS. It says “Error: could not download the message.” I can access medianet and of course all the gprs and proxy settings are pre-configured and locked on the att 6.1 rom. Any ideas? Thanks in advance…

  103. rico Says:

    Hi sneetch,

    I received my phone yesterday and successfully upgraded to WinMo 6.1 without any hitches. Thanks to your previous post and that of Snickolaz, I did change the registry values mentioned in order to delete the 3 default AT&T connections.

    To everyone else, I installed Efficasoft GPS Utilities for Smartphone. I tried changing all of the COM ports to try and get a signal from the GPS and nothing worked. As such, I ended up having to install the Modaco GPS Unlocker utility. After that, COM4 was accesible and I was able to get a GPS fix within 1 minute. This was the first time I ever used the GPS on this phone.

    I am waiting for my CoPilot Live 7 North American edition to arrive in the mail. I am anxious to see how quickly the program runs on the 260Mhz processor. My other phone is the HTC P3600 and I was running TomTom6 using a 400Mhz.

    Now I have a question that I’m hoping someone can answer for me. On the Today (Home) Screen, I noted there are some AT&T specific options like Xpress Mail, etc. Is there any way to remove either the main selection and the sub-selections?

    Thank you,


  104. photonbeam Says:

    I don’t know if anyone posted this yet, but it seems the SlidingPanel UI is relatively customizable, according to one of the people who worked on it:

    I haven’t had a chance to try this out yet, but it looks like you can make your own custom XML file for the slidingpanel interface (perhaps copy the contents of one of the pre-existing ones, and work from there), and change things like what’s included in the UI (i.e., get rid of the media panel), what order the panels appear in, and possibly some other stuff. It might be possible to mess with colors, too, but I could be wrong about that.

  105. pdajunkie Says:

    I successfully installed the wm6.1 last night, I was having issues with the ICS not working as same errors as a few fellow people on here with the error “Remote Party has ended this connection” I am a fellow PDA tech for Tmobile and I know with that error message that the APN is not correct with the profile in the home registry in there network. Well since I have the AT&T service there is not much could do for the issue as far as tech support since not paying the ridiculous fee for tethering. I also am using the unlimited media net from previous samsung a737 so not paying the $30 fee for the PDA internet. Well thanks to previous post by fellow “SNEETCH” with the ICS hack using mobile registry, I was able to delete the preset configuration and then able to choose the AT&T media net on the bottom of the page, Works GREAT!! Thanks for the help sneetch with the registry edit for the ICS!

  106. rico Says:

    photonbeam, thanks so much for the reply and the link. I’m going to read through it when I get some time. It sounds VERY INTERESTING that the interface can be customized using some XML tags. Will post back with any results.


  107. masbot Says:


    I followed your instructions but the phone disconnects the session right after it connects from the PC. When you say you Simply select “Blah Internet” and got to town what exactly are you selecting? I have MediaNET, AT&T IMS, AT&T ISP on mine. Did you create a new one?

  108. markiemark Says:

    Welcome Center fixed! I downloaded and installed “CHome configurator”. It has a menu item showing enabled and disabled sliding panels. Windowslive, Welcome Center, and My favs were disabled. I enabled Welcome Center and it is now one of the sliding panels. Not missing much. Note: Program threw an error when I started it, but ran fine. I tried to enable Windowslive and My Favs, but I got an error about permissions on the registry. I will see if appunlock fixes this.

  109. markiemark Says:

    UPDATE: Welcome Center (NOT). Ok, the panel shows up, but it is linked to some missing files, namely cwelcomecenter. Maybe this was intended only for wm 6.1 non-smartphones. None of the other hidden/disabled panels work or show up either, except one called “custom1″. It adds a panel that has a big “balloon” popup, but it doesn’t do anything. Probably used for text messages. Ok, this is the last you’ll hear from me on this.

  110. bjroam3 Says:

    Ok. this is my first ever post on, and this has nothing to do with (at least directly) the WM 6.1 upgrade. I just discovered a very useful tip while navigating through start menus. Normally when you use the jog wheel to navigate, you can only go up and down on the sliding panel home screen, or the menus in “list” type start menu style, but never sideways. Try this. Press and hold the Fn key while using the jog wheel! On the home screen, you can navigate side ways on each panel when using the jog wheel, and on the start menu, you can skip to the next page just like you would when you press right or left on the d-pad. On the grid menu style, you would only move left or right, but it will never move down the list. So, I would say this is the same as using the d-pad right or left buttons, but without pressing on the d-pad. I hope everyone finds this useful!!!

  111. sneetch Says:

    Hey there masbot. Remember I’m using an AT&T phone on a NON-AT&T network (currently Optus) so I had to blow away all the standard AT&T connections and replace them with new ones. AT&T ISP is what the phone had as a default.

    Other than that I just followed the normal process for ICS:

    - Set the USB connection to ActiveSync mode
    - Launch ICS
    - Connect the USB cable and let ActiveSync connect
    - Then press connect in ICS

    For the record, I could never get this to work in wm 6.0 so I’m really happy that it works in this version.

  112. crazy24hraday Says:

    has anyone found out a fix for the ringtones not working from the SD card when i try and set a ringtone that is on my SD card it tells me that it needs to be moved to the my sounds folder on the phone but i dont want to use my phone space for those thats why i got an SD card any tips or advice would be nice. thanks

  113. pdajunkie Says:


    How are you setting your ring tone from the sd card? Going via My Stuff / Storage Card / then Your Ring tone / Menu / Set as / Ringtone??
    That gives the error message saying that it must be in the sounds folder.
    It works fine for me from my sd card with all my ring tones having the ring tones in a folder named “My Ringtones” on my sd card. Then go to Start / Settings / Sounds / Ring tone / then on the bar you can scroll side to side or if have a lot like myself just press the D-pad button and then you can scroll down, extremely fast with the scroll wheel speed increase in wm 6.1 / then just select it there.

  114. pdajunkie Says:

    Anybody having any luck with an Audio boost for the 6.1??

  115. crazy24hraday Says:


    thank you for the advice it worked thanks again.

  116. M477 Says:

    Anyone able to help,

    I feel like a complete and total idiot right now…I’ve tried every single way that I have seen on the internet step by step but I cannot seem to get my ICS to work still! Maybe it’s because of all the work I do with computers Hardware and Software on a day to day basis I cant concentrate on something as simplistic as this. Anyways, if someone would be willing to send me a step by step instructions on how to fix this problem I would greatly appreciate it. (It must be simple my Anti-tech brother is doing this for me while im out of the state for a few days. Thanks again!

    E-Mail :

  117. scottethomas Says:

    Here is a link to a great application that I just found and installed:
    This program chome configurator allows you to change sliding panels add/hide/move. Might do more but I just put it on a few hours ago and didn’t play too much with it. Great app!

  118. King_Fisher Says:

    [quote]AT&T and CV button replacement – Some users (including myself) are unable to modify files in the /Windows directory. Will require application unlocking phone. [/quote]

    After reading some of the other users post, and looking into the exact issue. I did some further testing. I have noticed that although you can not modify, delete, or change the attributes of the original files. You can simply overwrite them without issue and without the need to use any form of unlocker or making any type of registry changes.

    Thanks to DJ-Anakin for inspiring more review and testing.

  119. scottethomas Says:

    Anyone no why Mpeg4 files won’t show up in windows media player? I applied the hack to adjust ringtone from 300kb to 25mb. The mp3 files show up fine but when I sync the library it won’t show the m4a files. They are present in the sounds folder and can play on the phone. BTW I have the BJ2 with 6.1 and it is unlocked. Thanks to anyone who can help. Most of my music files are m4a (mpeg4) format.

  120. scottethomas Says:

    sorry should be “know” not “no”.

  121. scottethomas Says:

    I already found an anwer to my mpeg4 problem. I found a freeware audio file converter, works perfectly. Here’s the link if anyone else is having this problem.

  122. 1999ZX2 Says:

    Any audio boost answers? Also on WM 6.1 I thought they would have fixed the problem with playing ringtones and being able to stop them when you press the text message button…. This is the only phone that I know of that you have to listen to the whole ringtone, even if it is only 30 seconds, very annoying out in public ;-( Is there a fix to cut the ringtones short by pressing a button on the blackjack II? Also again, anything out there to boost audio performance on this new WM 6.1 upgrade??


  123. scottethomas Says:

    If you hit the volume button while the ringtone is playing it silences the ringtone. The phone then rings silently and you have the option to accept or reject the call. I am trying to find a SRS WOW download that works for wm6.1, every download so far says it isn’t compatible with wm6.1 and it’s missing the XT driver when I try to launch it.

  124. rico Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I received my ALK Copilot Live 7 today and am very sad to report that I cannot get it to acquire a GPS signal.

    I had previously installed the Modaco GPS unlocker. I read other posts on the Internet that stated they were successful using the Microsoft GPSID application instead. So, I completely hard-reset my phone and installed the Microsoft GPSID. I then installed Efficasoft GPS utils and it acquired the satellites in under 30 seconds.

    Although Efficasoft works, Copilot Live can’t detect anything…. not in Manual mode (with the correct COM port settings – COM4, 9600 Baud, etc.) and not in auto detect mode.

    I sent a support ticket to ALK but so far I’m choked as I have spent several hours trying all these work arounds and nothing is working.

  125. azntiger Says:

    So far I’ve been unable to install Skyfire. I just keep getting: “Installation of Skyfire_4721_SMP50.CAB was unsucessful.” Has anyone seen this issue or know how to fix it?

  126. sporkinatorus Says:

    GPS worked fine for me out of the box with Google Maps (newest version). I have tried to install BirdieSync but unfortunately the phone needs to be application unlocked for it to install right. The MoDaCo one did not work for me (granted i didn’t restart my phone so that may be the cause) but the SDA one did and prompted me to restart the phone. Works fine after unlock.

  127. 1999ZX2 Says:

    Hey Scott, I am talking about using a ringtone on a text message, the volume button doesn’t silence the ringtone still, so is this is issue a blackjack II problem and not a window mobile problem?

  128. scottethomas Says:

    Sorry 199zx2 I thought you meant when the phone was actually ringing. I’ve never used a ringtone for text message notification but if I come across something I will post back.

  129. caghassi Says:

    DAVID HELP!!!!

    ok this is wat happened

    i was updating and when it hit phase 2 and it said “fail- please put in download mode”

    and me like an idiot unplugged in and exited the program and put it into download mode

    and now i put it into download mode and get to the part where you accept that you have plugged everything and and i hit ok but it says “please connect the phone”

    and when i start the phone it just says samsung


  130. caghassi Says:

    DAVID HELP!!!!

    ok this is wat happened

    i was updating and when it hit phase 2 and it said “fail- please put in download mode”

    and me like an idiot unplugged in and exited the program and put it into download mode

    and now i put it into download mode and get to the part where you accept that you have plugged everything and and i hit ok but it says “please connect the phone”

    and when i start the phone it just says samsung


  131. scottethomas Says:

    Does anyone know how to get the messaging button configuration file back? Somehow during all the registry tweaks and hack installs I deleted the file. When I push the email/messaging button nothing happens. Please help! Thanks…

  132. scottethomas Says:

    Found an answer in the forum, copy to startmenu and then rename to and voila. Worked like a charm and now message button launches the message folder.

  133. scottethomas Says:

    Finally got Skyfire on my wm6.1 BJ2. All I have to say is, my new default browser is Skyfire. Only had it a few minutes and already love it over PIE and OperaMini. Have just about every hack and registry mod on my phone already and this is one of the best things on my phone now. Waiting for Led Alerts activation code and then I will be pretty complete. I liked the Led Alerts (7 day trial) so I paid for it but it takes 1-2 days to get the activation code sent. That should be a standard program on the BJ2. Only other thing I will need/want is Garmin XT North American Edition. Guess I will ask the wife to get me that for Xmas. This site is great! I have answered nearly every problem I’ve run into on this site and the few that weren’t answered here I have posted so others can find it here.

  134. divandivabs Says:

    Will this update work on the tmobile dash? Or is it just for the blackjack? I don’t wanna lose everything if it’s not gonna work… thanks;)

  135. david Says:

    divandivabs – this update will only work on US (AT&T) Samsung Blackjack II (SGH-i617) Smartphones!!!

    Check this page out for some more information about upgrading the T-Mobile Dash to WM6.1 ->

  136. scottethomas Says:

    Anyone know how to get game downloads to work? I remapped medianet a while back and i’m sure that’s why. any help would be appreciated.

  137. scottethomas Says:

    Somehow now I can use the media net link in favorites and was able to download the game.

  138. 1999ZX2 Says:

    Scott is there any sound boost programs out there for the audio on the new Mobile 6.1?

  139. scottethomas Says:

    I haven’t found one, tried the SRS Wow but it doesn’t work right for wm6.1. If anyone finds one post here.

  140. makdaspock Says:

    can not run TCPMP after install or modaco-nodata others work. help

  141. hotlantan Says:

    Has anyone else encountered problems with Skyfire? I just reinstalled it and wasn’t really paying attention. It asked me if I wanted to install the search bar and I assumed it meant within the app, but it installed as the phone’s skin. It returned the phone to the 6.0 start screen. I’ve been trying to remove it through add/remove on the phone but it gets hung up and says that it has been succesfully installed. Any clues/ suggestions? I believe it would have worked fine except for that damn toolbar, so if you install skyfire, I suggest not using there search bar.
    Also, since updating, I can’t do data connection when I am sync’d with my ‘puter. As soon as I disconnect, I can access the mobile web. Is this a com port issue? Also had a little bit of a rough start trying to get live search running on com4, but got it up on com1.
    Alright. I just solved a couple of issues. As for as the start screen I went in settings and changed it back to sliding media and it now on the “new” start screen again. A soft reset got skyfire uninstalled.

  142. nemo07 Says:


    I was wondering If anyone here is from Canada and received their phone from Fido? I recently got mine and updated to WM6.1 and everything worked out fine. I had to use the App Unlocker to install the MoDaCo GPS Activator and also install GPS test. I ran the GPS test and it just says “GPS Starting up” and stays there. My settings are Com 4 and band = 9600.

    Anyone has any suggestions?

    p.s I do not have Garmin installed. is that the problem?

  143. jordan8201 Says:

    I just upgraded to 6.1. I am trying to replace the samsunglogo.bmp file in the windows directory in order to change the startup image, but it is not allowing me to change the file. I tried both SDA unlock and the google unlock. is this impossible to change?
    Also, can i use the gps feature without having a data package? i installed the nodata hack today…can i still use gps??
    Thanks alot!

  144. Art_Dodger Says:

    I have a BJII (Actually a Samsung “Jack” – Fido) updated to WM 6.1 – Just for info’s sake – The NoData hack does not work unless the SDA Unlocker is run first. I installed the SDA Unlocker, it installs fine, but on attempting to actually toggle the net connections off, an application error occurs.

    I uninstalled NoData, ran the SDA Unlocker, then re-installed NoData – It now works perfectly, so it appears the SDA Unlocker is still required for some apps, even on WM 6.1.


  145. volcom Says:


    i just got wm 6.1 and NONE of the hacks work. It always says something along the lines of “Dont have permission”


    i miss all my old hacks. someone PLEASE help meeee ~~!!!
    im going to literally die. no explode. then die.

  146. david Says:

    volcom, very strange – have you tried Application Unlocking your phone using the SDA Application Unlocker? If not, try doing that and then re-installing the hacks. I have no idea why but certain phones seem to have different default levels of security… Maybe Samsung updated the WM6.1 update image or something??? I have no idea why you would be having problems to be honest.

  147. dallasbaker Says:

    I’m going to Australia for several months and want to use my BJII. I plan to buy an Optus sim card and pop it in. I don’t need internet, just voice and MMS. Anyone have problems with this?

  148. david Says:

    dallasbaker, I dont know what an Optus SIM Card is – but i think youll have to call AT&T and ask them to SIM Unlock your phone if you want to use it on a different carrier. From what I hear AT&T’s pretty accommodating?

  149. dallasbaker Says:

    Thanks. I think I have it unlocked. I altered the registry for the ATT settings. I also know that Windows Mobile 6.1 leave several things unlocked, but I will call them just in case.

  150. nozknows Says:

    I upgraded to windows mobile 6.1 a while ago. Yet no matter what I do (even a hard reset) I cannot get GPS to work. It did work very well for a while, but for some reason it just stopped. If you need any information I will be happy to provide more.

  151. jmenor311 Says:

    I just upgraded to WM 6.1 on my BJ2 a few days ago and i love it. but one thing that annoys about the threaded text messages is that i can only see the the past 12 texts per thread and everything before that is gone. is there anyway to lengthen the thread so i can see all recieved texts from that person?

  152. jmenor311 Says:

    lol nevermind.. i guess i wasnt paying attention to that ‘older’ word at the top of the thread. i love my blackjack2!!

  153. big_L Says:

    i just got my bj2 a couple of weeks ago and it says i have 6.0 but i beleive its 6.1, how can i tell? i have threaded txt msgs, nd the sliding panel hgome screen layout, does that help?

  154. david Says:

    big_L, definitely sounds like you have Windows Mobile 6.1

  155. thanos Says:

    I just got a new BJ2 for christmas and it came with WM6.1. I was looking to get the GPS to work. Was wondering if anyone got garmin going without using the SDA or MoDaCo GPS Application Unlocker Hack? Thanks! Great site. I love my new BJ2 but didn’t realize that Fido (canadian provider) does not allow unlimited surfing on smartphone for a flat fee. I have to get a data plan now which sucks. $7/month unlimited mobile surfing is now going to cost me $30/month for 1GB of data.
    Sucks ass.


  156. nick Says:

    I just downloded the MoDaCo GPS unlocker and I was wondering where do i find the gps applications to use this on, so that it does not require any data usage? Thanks man

  157. david Says:

    You can use Google Maps, Windows Live Search or Garmin XT with it.. Google Maps and Windows Live Search use data, Garmin XT does not.

  158. nick Says:

    Thank Bud, I found it on Garmin’s website, its downloadin, have a great night

  159. nick Says:

    David, after I have downloaded the pvc man, and tetris apps, on my blackjack II an “Alert” pops up when I click on them using the File Explorer and it reads : There is no application associated with “pvc man” run the application first and then open this file inside the application????? I already have the MoDaCo unlocker dowloaded properly on my phone, one thing that must be going wrong is how my computer recognized the pvc game file as a pdf file using adobe 9 to open it, but my phone is all confused and doesn’t recognize anything I sync over to it, except the MoDaCo unlocker.
    Thank You for your help, I spent alot of time reading how to correctly install the cab files b/c i kept reading the same rhetorical questions in the forum, this stumped me though.

  160. Austin57 Says:

    i ran into an issue when trying to delete all of those pre-installed apps, i found the hidden folder but when i go to delete them it says cannot delete file and that it is read only, so should i unlock my phone to be able to delete this stuff or what??

  161. Jeremy44 Says:

    I just wanted to say that I carried a BlackJack II for 8 mos, not using it for much else than a phone. When It was stolen, I got a replacement BlackJack II via insurance, and it was loaded with mobile 6.1. I found this website in a chat forum on AT&T’s website, and WOW!!! Everything that I have tried (except for a few things with the SNES and GENESIS emulators) has worked great, and I have now: Google Maps; Pocket SNES, GPS activator, Increase graphics and cache, and increase ringtone size mods, picodrive, SPVman, Doom, and yahoo go. I just tried the Google maps/GPS hack for the first time, FLAWLESS!!! I did not have to reset the GPS settings, I just use the default “Managed by Windows” setting, and there I am, moving on the map!!! I have no previous experience with CAB files, but these posts really walked me through everything. 6.1 loaded all the CABs without a hack (although i installed the hack anyways to get the GPS).


  162. wizzleby Says:

    I can confirm that BirdieSync requires unlocking, and the SDA does the job.

  163. robertcymbalski Says:

    Mostly every software on your site will not install on my Black Jack2! My phone is from Fido here in Toronto and I honestly think there is an application lock on it or something? The phone is running mobile 6.1 out of the box, so your misconception about the operating system not needing a mod to run software is false. Do you have any suggestions? It is driving me nuts! I got your Pac Man application to work and your Bubble program! This is it! Please help, I know allot of these other applications would be awsome to run on this handset, but like I said, they don’t!…..

  164. david Says:

    robert – can you list all the program that youve tried to install on you Canadian Blackjack II (which i believe technically has a different model # .. im in the US, so i have no way to test things out on Canadian phones :( )

  165. robertcymbalski Says:

    This phone is using Mobile 6.1 Standard (Build 19208.1..1). The phone is (i616UZHI1 Hardware version REV0.3). The programs I have tried to install to no prevail are: Your System Optimizer, Graphics Optimizer, Super Nintendo and Pocket NES. Kevtris and Pac Man worked! When I tried these programs it says I don’t have sufficient permissions! I checked online and most forums state that this is a application LOCK! Is this true? I could see FIDO doing something like this so you have to buy their games online! Please help! I would love some of this software on this phone!

  166. nogrules Says:

    Hello Robert, I have the exact same settings on my jack I’m in Vancouver and on Rogers. I’m not 100% sure if this app will kill my speaker or not I’ve read both cases. I also want some of the software but am to afraid to try as I don’t have a back up phone. I’ll see what I can dig up and report back here and if you hear anything do the same. hopefully we can get a solid answer for the canadian jack on rogers/fido

  167. pabloigc Says:

    what if.. i have wm6.1 in my sgh-i637.. do i have to unlock it? because i installed the and i think i need to unlock it because it says an error has occurred..

    if so.. can someone tell me where to download the sda unlocker?..


  168. Assilemelly Says:

    I download the CAB file, but the setup won’t work. I need help please. What do I do is the setup wont open up?

  169. Uppum24 Says:

    This may be a dumb question but here it is regardless. I have a newer version of the Samsung Jack (activated June 09) with Fido i616 running WM 6.1 as per the data on the phone. I had a previous version Samsung Ace with the Bell network that was great. The only difference that I can see is that the newer Jack didnt come with Voice Command or any type of Voice Recognition. I dont understand how my first Treo 700WX had this feature 4 years ago and this Jack does not. I have tried loading Voice Command Cab file and it starts but then gives the error message “this installation is not compatible with this device.
    I am not sure what to do as both Samsung and Fido are both telling me to call each other and neither will even tell me if it is possible to put VC 1.6 on the damn phone. I need the voice dialing and recognition for work and am at a loss at this point.
    Just looking for whether or not i can make this phone useful with Voice Recognition or not so I can have some ammo with Fido Retention. I was told by Fido rep when I left Bell to go with Fido that the Fido Jack was the same phone with the same features as the Bell Ace.
    Anything would help.
    P.S. The phone also drops the network and jumps randomly between 3G and Edge without warning or indication. During these periods I am unable to make/receive texts, calls or emails.

  170. ricky t Says:

    hey i was wondering if anyone knows why my built in gps isn’t working with my copilot 7? it does’t find any satellite and i’ve been using an external gps device which sucks because i have to both whenever i use my copilot 7. does anyhow know what i am doing wrong. it works with google maps but not my 3rd party software.

  171. filmy hotfile Says:

    Good day very nice website!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your website and take the feeds also?I’m satisfied to seek out so many useful information right here within the post, we want develop extra techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .