Increase System Performance

Increase System Performance


Increase your Blackjack 2′s System Performance by increasing the allowed system cache size in the registry.

  1. Application unlock your phone (run the MoDaCo GPS Hack or SDA Application Unlocker)
  2. Copy and Install the CAB file to your Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone.
  3. To uninstall this Hack, go to Settings > Remove Programs, and remove the entry labled “Increase System Perfomance”


23 Responses to “Increase System Performance”

  1. Toogy1206 Says:

    Is this the same as the increase graphics preformance that was up a little while back??

  2. david Says:

    These are two different hacks.

    The SYSTEM hack increases the system cache, while the GRAPHICS hack increased the graphics cache.

    The system hacks decreases the time your Blackjack2 needs to find system and application files that are often used.

    The graphics hack decrease thet ime your Blackjack2 needs to find graphics (images, background, etc) that are often used.

    These two hacks are great when used in conjunction.

  3. Toogy1206 Says:

    Ok i get now and I know what the problem was. The link on this page that reads CAB file links to the graphics cab but the Download link, links to the system cab. Thanks for the help.

  4. david Says:

    Thanks for noticing that – i’ve fixed the link to the System Performance Hack.

  5. young wing Says:

    Much faster! Thanks!

  6. devon.patterson Says:

    does the phone need to be restarted after the install?

  7. evolancer211 Says:

    So, I downloaded the .cab file to my phone, and I can’t find it. I do search and everything…any help?

  8. david Says:

    By default it should be in your My Documents folder on your Blackjack II.

  9. evolancer211 Says:

    It wasn’t…what I did was downloaded on computer, copied the file to my SD micro, than I would put the micro into my phone. Open the file from the SD, it gives me a prompt to save it where I would please, and I chose to save it to my phone. When I go into my documents I can’t find the file, but all I see is “” which has 0 bytes… I downloaded the Increase Graphics Performance and was able to do that fine. This is as detailed as it gets, thanks for helping david

  10. evolancer211 Says:

    Or if you can’t figure it out for me, how about what’s the registry file that it modifies, if you can give me the info that would be amazing, thanks

  11. ccallday Says:

    Does this work for 6.1 I have successfully installed this but I don’t know if it has changed

  12. bjagd02 Says:

    evo, sounds like you installed it and it’s already doing its job.

  13. david Says:

    ccallday, I believe 6.1 implements these changes already – that being said it wont hurt to install it.

  14. danielm298 Says:

    mbl 6.0 yes, this did make a Hugh!!! difference thanks

  15. UnPhased Says:

    I just installed 6.1 and i noticed it was a little laggy when i scrolled through so i installed this, and it is as smooth as eggs now.

  16. theblackestjack Says:

    Yep, i just tried this on my Bj2 on Wm6.1 and programs are running wayy faster, THNAKS SOOO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE!!

  17. UnPhased Says:

    Actually i just uninstalled it and it runs exactly the same weird.
    I think it was just lagging because i had just installed WM 6.1 and had not went through everything yet.

  18. TheBlackestJack Says:

    I dunno, maybe its just my phone, but i did notice a huge difference when i started programs. I think im just gonna leave it on.

  19. UnPhased Says:

    Mine only tends to lag after i reboot my phone and start up AIM again… I have the .CAB on my card just in case i need it. Paypal donations to follow as soon as i have some spare change to throw around. This site is well worth it.

  20. EvilRandomHero53 Says:

    yo david i download the cab file. then i go to start>applications>file explorer>my documents> then i highlight and install the performance cab. then it says installed successfully…. is that all i have to do? i dont have to run it?

  21. yariktheman Says:

    whats the difference between system cache and graphics cache??

    also when i install the “Increase System Performance” whats supposed to increase?

  22. lilkrzykid Says:

    does this increase the system performance on the samsung jack?

  23. Drew Davis Says:

    Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!!
    I recently downloaded 2gb of music onto my SDmicro, but it began having trouble!
    When scrolling through music, it would sometimes skip down to the bottom, or the orange highlight would become 2 bars, and wouldn’t let me scroll at all! after Downloading this, it fixed the problem. THANKS ALOT