Windows Mobile 6.1 Update Available for the Blackjack II

Windows Mobile 6.1 Update Available for the Blackjack II

The Windows Mobile 6.1 Update for the Samsung Blackjack II is finally here! You can download the updater application that will run on either Windows XP or Windows Vista using the links below. (OS X users, you’ll have to boot into Windows to run this patch!)

Thanks to pukka for starting the forum thread and thanks to everyone (especially Snickolaz) for posting in the comments saying that it’s been released!

Make sure you backup your Blackjack II before installing this update. Use either PIMBackup or Dashwire (quick Dashwire instructions available here, users withOUT unlimited data read this).

Update: I have successfully upgraded my Samsung Blackjack II from Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard to Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard using the above link (WinXP).

Trouble Shooting Tips:

Q: My Upgrader won’t upgrade my phone and keeps asking me to put it into “Download Mode”, how do I manually put my Blackjack II into this mode?

A : To put your Blackjack II into “Download Mode”, turn off your Blackjack II, then hold down Volume Up + Back Key while powering on the handset.

Q: After upgrading  to WM 6.1 my Blackjack makes a beeping noise every couple of minutes (the same beep that is made when the power cable is disconnected), how do I fix this?

A: Re-Install the modem drivers (as specified in Samsung’s instructions) and re-run the upgrader.

412 Responses to “Windows Mobile 6.1 Update Available for the Blackjack II”

  1. oliverlives Says:

    Is it possible to download a CAB file for this, if my active sync does not work? Please!!

  2. hiten Says:

    yea!!!! i just downloaded the update for my blackjack 2, and i love it!!! thnx for the links =]

  3. david Says:

    A CAB file will not be available for this update — This is because a CAB file runs on your phone. This update effectively erases your phone, so it has to be run from something other than your phone (Your computer)

  4. Travis Says:

    it has shared internet finally, ive been waiting for this since the phone come out

  5. jessa Says:


    I used to be able to move files that I found redundant and that I never used into a file I labelled “Nonsense.” WM 6.1 is not allowing me to move certain files (ex: games) because it says I don’t have permission. Does this have something to do with an app unlock maybe? I don’t think so, because I was able to transfer all my other apps from the old version… but who knows.

  6. bballjosh3 Says:

    The Vista link isnt working for me?!!!!!!!

  7. mysteriousdrake Says:

    Awesome that WM6.1 is out! But, I’m a little stumped on how to use Dashwire before & after upgrading… I *get* that I’ve gotta run it before upgrading, but then what after the upgrade finishes? (Yeah, yeah.. save the “newb” comments, hehe.)
    Also, anyone know where a summation of changes / fixes can be found? I’m eager to upgrade, but I’d really like to know what all will change.

  8. oliverlives Says:

    Will it be possible to get the update via windows update (off the phone?)

  9. Steven_B2 Says:

    Anyone know how to put the Blackjack 2 into “Download Mode”????

  10. mmain1 Says:

    Got it! Some pros and cons. My 2 biggest complaints weren’t addressed. First, whats the point of the LED if it doesn’t blink for missed calls/notifications like every other smartphone. Second, what’s up with the ringer volume? I installed SRS Wow XT before to boost the volume and it worked like a champ. Don’t try it on this ROM! It crashes all sounds. Those things aside. the improved thumbwheel speed is a big improvement. The homepage is OK. Voice Command 1.6 is included! (Woot!) and works great in comparison to WM6.0. ICS tethering is included although this was easily obtained in WM6.0 by a cab file. The threaded text messaging is a good improvement. Vanity dialing is available (must be manually enabled) allowing entering alpha characters in a phone number. All in all a great improvement over WM6.0

  11. greybucket Says:

    Ok, update went well and so far I am extremely happy with the results. I have been getting back all the programs I have had installed and I have noticed a couple things already.

    Holding down the ‘Home’ key no longer brings up the taskmanager

    Garmin Mobile XT and Google Maps acquire a GPS signal at a much faster rate, almost instantaneous!

    Will report back with any other findings! Happy Upgrading!

  12. pukka Says:

    oliverlives, no It will not be available through windows update(very pointless feature) because as david explained, this is a rom update which completely erases your entire phones memory to the new one, It couldn’t be done over the internet as you cant cache a rom update(you need a direct connection to a computer to install it). If it were available through Windows Update it would only be able to update piece by piece, taking multiple installs and leaving the update fragmented.

  13. Snickolaz Says:

    Aww I totally posted first with the links saying the download is there! No credit though :( But the install went just fine and now my GPS loads in a couple seconds instead of like 5 minutes. There’s more, but that’s one of the most noticeable improvements.

  14. lilh1990 Says:

    how do you backup files? will my contacts and texts be saved? thank you for the post

  15. oliverlives Says:

    Ehh..thanks Puka…I guess I’m going to have to wait a while, as Active Sync just does not work on my computer…

  16. mmain1 Says:

    greybucket, try the Home key again. Mine brings up task manager the same as before.

  17. lilh1990 Says:

    please someone, how do you backup the files?

  18. david Says:

    balljosh – Vista link is fixed. sorry about that.

  19. BigSexy7947 Says:

    I confirm that I successfully updated to 6.1 using Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit with no problems at all

  20. david Says:

    You can copy files (pictures, ringtones, etc) to your computer via activesync. I believe you can backup most of your data using Dashwire (and online service) or PIMBackup (which backed your contacts, calendar, etc) to a file that you can then copy onto your computer/storage card. I highly recommend dashwire to save contacts and texts. (See link in post)

  21. lilh1990 Says:

    ok thanks david, i downloaded dashwire so, how do the contacts transfer over there?

  22. Mastaglaus Says:

    First of all excited for the new Windows, however i am having a ton of issues with it. Almost seems buggy to me. For example i can’t get into my text messages, it displays one message, and the none others, then it just automatically goes to the home screen. a couple of times it asked me if i wanted to send the error report to windows. Any one having these buggy issues? haven’t had time to look into anything else yet

  23. greybucket Says:

    mmain1 – Yeah, I just needed to restart! Its working again.

    I used Dashwire ever since it was reviewed on here. Not too shabby and it is quick!

    PIE still isnt what I thought it should be. Thankfully though there is Skyfire!!!!

  24. Feff Jackson Says:

    I like 6.1 a whole lot more than 6.0, it just seems sleeker and more user friendly. Thanks for the info on the update! ! ! !

  25. Dominic Says:

    I actuall need some pretty bad… if somebody could help me i would greatly appreciate it, usually i am really good on the computer, but this, i don’t know i feel very dumb.

  26. david Says:

    Snickolaz, I have no problem giving credit where credit is due! :) You’re bold to boot — sorry I was in such a rush to make the post I didn’t look the username. My apologies — thanks again for the heads up!

  27. david Says:

    steve-b2, what do you mean “Download Mode” ?

  28. lilh1990 Says:

    where is setup.exe????

  29. david Says:

    download and install dashwire – sync everything to your dashwire dashboard. You can verify everything is there by going to in your web browser on your computer. Once youve verified everything you need i backed up on, perform the upgrade – this will delete EVERYTHING on your phone. After completing the upgrade goto in PocketIE (or your mobile browser of choice) and download the dashwire client to your Blackjack II again. Run the dashwire client on your phone, sign in, and it will ask you if you want to sync your information from to your phone. Select this option and continue through the wizard.

    hope this helps!

  30. lilh1990 Says:

    ok great thanks, im having problems finding the setup exe. i downloaded the 2 modems but i still cant find setup exe.? im sorry im new to all this, i have never tried upgrading anything and im bad with computers

  31. david Says:

    lil – Click on the appropriate link (XP or Vista) in the post … then look in the first box for:
    Click here to go to the SGH-i617 XP/Vista Downloader Page .. that is the link youll need. It will pop open a new window/tab – you will have to agree to the terms of use; after doing that another window/tab will appear that has the download link to the Upgrade EXE. Make sure you check all the tabs after each step — they new tabs don’t automatically get focus.

  32. zman2100 Says:

    so i guess mac users are going to have to use a windows computer to get the update…im trying to decide if itll be worth it to update since i dont have a way of backing up all of my contacts and calendar events…

  33. devilot Says:

    Does this update include the Samsung Home layouts and Color Schemes? I have actually grown rather fond of the Samsung Simple Home layout and would hate to be forced into using a Windows layout. Thanks!

  34. david Says:

    zman, you dont have unlimited data right? Check out PIMBackup (I posted the link in this post) … its a program you run on your Blackjack II that will backup a bunch of stuff to your Phone (copy to your computer) or storage card. It was designed for taller screens so you have to keep scrolling on some screens to get to the bottom.

    So far i really like WM6.1 – if you can snag 15 mins and a Windows box i’d recommend it!

  35. Steven_B2 Says:

    David, My upgrade to 6.1 failed! It said to retry by putting the phone into Download Mode. The upgrade program does it automatically, but I need to do it manually now. When I turn the phone on, all I see is “Samsung” I did do the reformat, but still nothing. Thanks!

  36. david Says:

    did you install those modem drivers on your computer like the instructionts state? Try restoring default factory settings and see if you can boot your phone.

  37. lilh1990 Says:

    i did that but these are the only files i have
    i cant double click any of those, there is no setup.exe to install the drivers

  38. Steven_B2 Says:

    David – Yes I did install the drivers. I also tried the factory default, thats what I meant by reformat. It says right in the instructions on Step 4, #9. “If the download has failed, please reconnect your device to the PC in Download Mode.” How do I do that???

  39. Dominic Says:

    Hey guys, i got everything setup until the activsync, i have no clue how to use activ sync, i am on step 3

  40. david Says:

    i believe they are all self extracting zip files…

  41. gtg465x Says:

    Has anyone else gotten email to work with 6.1?

  42. lilh1990 Says:

    thanks for the link, but this is too hard ill stay with 6

  43. Dominic Says:

    Can anyone possibly help me that has done this already?

  44. david Says:

    dominic, youre using XP i assume? Download Activesync from here and install it. Then connect your Blackjack II to your computer via your USB cable.

  45. zman2100 Says:

    thanks david. backing up my contacts and calendar is the most important priority, and if i can do that with PIMBackup to my storage card, then ill definitely try to borrow someones windows comp over the next few days

  46. Dominic Says:

    yup i got activ sync, do i need to use it though, what is its purpose? i have all my information backed up already.

  47. Dominic Says:

    nevermind i think i got it

  48. david Says:

    yes – activesync allows your computer to communicate with your phone via USB. Just follow the directions on samsung’s website and you should be golden.

  49. skolastix Says:

    Now I’m anxious as hell to use this new 6.1, BUT… I am in Canada and with FIDO and we got the SGH-i616 here instead of the i617. Now I know they are supposed to be identical, but for the first time I am seeing issues. When I try to download the 6.1 update, it gives me an error saying “S/W Version is wrong. Please check the device”. I assume it’s because I have an i616. Does anyone know a workaround OR does anyone know if they will be releasing an upgrade for the i616 as well?

    Thanks! I’m dying to try this.

  50. Dominic Says:

    I got it! thanks guys

  51. Dominic Says:

    well actually David thanks man appreciate it.

  52. david Says:

    skolastix, agh – i wish i could help. Pukka is in the same boat as you … you guys wanna draw straws to see who gets to try it out??? :P

  53. Steven_B2 Says:

    So I guess no one knows how to put this pone into “Download Mode”….

  54. david Says:

    ok all – im going to bed – ill be checking the comments tomorrow morning though! happy wm6.1 installs!

  55. david Says:

    steven – i googled “download mode” and it sounds like the WM6.1 upgrade client that you run on your computer puts the phone in “Download Mode” .. I dont think you can do it yourself. Are you able to boot your phone? Try setting Settings > Connections > USB to ActiveSync and re-run the upgrader.

  56. Steven_B2 Says:

    I am NOT able to boot my phone

  57. treehuggerflem Says:

    skolastix-i dont have the canadian version i616 and mine says the same exact thing…im guessing the prompy where you youre supposed to put in the ID and key dont come up either…i got the prompt to come up once, i entered the numbers and i go tpast that step but did have confidence in myself so i stop the download right away, i tried for 4 hours to get it to work again and no luck at all. half the time i cant get my computer to recognize my blackjack 2 in activesync

  58. david Says:

    steven – not sure then. if you try connecting the phone to your computer and run the upgrader, what step does the upgrader fail on?

  59. Snickolaz Says:

    Sweet I got added to the front page! Thanks! Now I get to show off to my other geeky friends that I’m cool and have my name on a front page. :)

  60. opilion Says:

    skolastix, I am in the same boat, using an i616 from Rogers. I have emailed Samsung, but I don’t know how likely it is that they’ll respond. Please keep us updated if you make any progress.

  61. shalantas Says:

    uh oh does this upgrade usually take a while right now it says waiting for next image and theres a thing on my phone that says time and its just constantly revolving and i just realized i left my sim card in there….i messed up huh

  62. shalantas Says:

    actually to be more specific it says
    Boot [ PASS ]

    PDA [ Pass ]

    Phone [Start}
    [Phone] active off -> Active on
    [good] – DPRAM = numbers i dun wanna type
    Time: caonstqantly counting down very fast

    this has been going on for about 8 minutes now

  63. beelerspace Says:

    Steven, I had the same problem. Upgrade froze at 49% for an hour before I disconnected it. Reconnecting wouldn’t help. All I get is the Samsung screen. D-pad up and power button (without USB cable) puts me into Format Mode. Formatting doesn’t do anything, except pull up Samsung screen.

    A guy on Modaco said Samsung said to send it in for repair. Internet, you’re smarter than that. Is there a way to load this ROM up without using an ActiveSync connection, or pull the phone into some kind of USB mode pre-operating system?

  64. Steven_B2 Says:

    David, my phone does not boot at all. It just says ‘Samsung’ when I turn it on. Thats it. Since it does not boot into Windows, it does not detect my phone now when I try running the upgrader. It just says that the device is not connected. There must be a manual way to put the phone into ‘Download Mode’ like the BlackJack 1 had. Especially since it says right on the progress bar window to put the phone in ‘Download Mode’ if the download fails.

  65. david Says:

    shalantas, how did the upgrade work out for you? My update took about 10 mins or so to complete. Also, I upgraded the phone with my SIM card in it still (not recommended).

  66. david Says:

    beelerspace & steven_b2,
    have you sent an email to Samsung technical support yet? If not try doing that and see if they get back to you — in the meantime well keep looking for answers.

  67. Steven_B2 Says:

    I’m calling Samsung. I will let you know what happens!

  68. Steven_B2 Says:

    So, I called Samsung. I have to send it in to reflash it. They will put Windows 6.0 back on it. They would not reflash it to 6.1. They told me to call them back when I got it back and they would help me to reflash it to Windows 6.1. Oh, and they emailed me a UPS shipping label to mail it in with, for free and there is no charge to reflash it either! Not a bad deal. I’ll just be without it for a few days.

  69. Techster Says:

    I upgrade successfully to the new Windows 6.1 but when I try to use the ICS it just says “That the remote party has ended this connection.” And it always says that. Can you guys help me out with this. I’m really new to this but I’m learning quite fast.

    Thanks in Advance!

  70. lovemybj2 Says:

    Like Skolastix, I too get the “S/W Version is wrong. Please check the device” message, but I do indeed have an i617, confirmed in several places on the phone by stickers and *#1234# … but my update software never gave me the initial prompt where you type in the two codes, so I’m curious if that had anything to do with it. I’m calling Samsung Tech Support right now about it. For what it’s worth, the version of my phone reported by *#1234# is i617UCGK2

  71. marcelmaieda Says:

    hey guys…Here in brazil Samsung says that the i617 has the wm6.1 but its not true… its a wm6.0 but with some modifications i believe…

    So..i’m gonna try this upgrade.

    But i have a question….is there any kind of problem to upgrade with a ROM released by AT&T? cause my carrier in brazil is VIVO.


  72. Dashwire Says:

    Saw some questions about the backup and restore process, which David answered perfectly in a post above. Keep in mind that while we backup a bunch of your content and let you access it online (sms, calls, contacts, photos, vids, settings, etc.), we only restore contacts, bookmarks, and speed dials.

    Also, we just launched a mobile client optimized for WinMo 6.1, so if you’re cool with pre-release software, then you might want to check it out:

    Hit us up if you have any questions.

  73. treehuggerflem Says:

    IMPOSSIBLE to download!! i NEED help….i do EVERYTHING it says to the T and still doesnt work…i open the downloader and it never gives me the option of putting in the ID and KEY and this is the problem i know it and i dont know why it wont let me at all…and yes i installed the right downloader for XP

  74. LosMAN Says:

    I have unlimited TXT, but only 5MB of internet (data?) per month. Should I still use dashwire or will it make me go over my data useage for the month? Thanks.

  75. treehuggerflem Says:


  76. Shadow Says:

    I’ve run into an issue, since im in college, i can no longer connect to the internet on my phone through my laptop (reverse tethering?) i have always been able to do this otherwise. Because of this however, I cannot install dashwire on my phone let alone connect to backup/restore. What exactly does it back up? From what i understand when I analyzed the program is that it allows me to backup my phone to my storage card. I need to mostly backup my contacts, notes, calender/tasks, and my start menu shortcuts, I’ve already backed up my documents to my laptop as well as a few other necessities. Is PIMBackup reliable?

  77. Shadow Says:

    correcting myself:

    Is PIMBackup reliable? What exactly does it back up? From what i understand when I analyzed the program is that it allows me to backup my phone to my storage card. I need to mostly backup my contacts, notes, calender/tasks, and my start menu shortcuts, I’ve already backed up my documents to my laptop as well as a few other necessities.

  78. david Says:


    Ken from Dashwire was kind enough to provide the following:

    We strongly recommend an unlimited data plan to avoid mistakes and surprises
    in the bill, but users can connect via USB (via ActiveSync desktop
    passthru), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Wireless Data. They need to be careful with
    Wi-Fi though, as most phones have a power-saving feature that shuts off
    Wi-Fi and turns to wireless data as soon as the phone goes idle.

    Specific items can be selected by hitting Menu > Settings > Choose
    information to sync and then unchecking the appropriate boxes.

    Once again, really appreciate your help here. Let me know if you need
    anything else.

  79. morando86 Says:

    I need a bunch of help. Something fast and easy beacuse im tired of having problems and not getting anywhere. I have a xp. I dowloaded. It asked for two different .Dll’s. Got that too. As im entering the two paascodes (6602 and 6103). After , i check and click on the box and next, after that i connect the phone to the usb cable, check the box and click next but i keep getting a error saying that it is not connected. Whats there to do? Heeeeelp!!!

  80. snipes Says:

    Ok so…I didn’t put my blackjack into ‘Modem Mode’ before I started the update. It started, erased the phone, and only halfway flashed the phone itself…so now the phone has no OS and it the computer is refusing to recognize the phone, even in ‘downloader mode’.

    Any ideas? Or is my blackjack bricked for good?

  81. david Says:

    Make sure you remove your SIM card and that your phone is set to ActiveSync (Start > Settings > Connnections > USB > ActiveSync) .. then connect your Blackjack II to your computer via ActiveSync and make sure you can browse to your Blackjack II from My Computer > Mobile Device .. After you’ve verified this then run the upgrader – it should work like a charm.

  82. david Says:

    snipes – unfortunately it sounds like your phone is bricked :( .. Read through the comments – a couple other people had similar experience. I believe Steven_B2 called Samsung and he is sending his phone in free of charge to get re-”flashed”.

    How many switch their phone to Modem Mode, and how maybe people here upgraded with their Phone set to ActiveSync? I couldnt get my computer to recognize my phone when it was set to Modem Mode, so I switched to ActiveSync and it worked like a charm. I also forgot to remove my SIM when performing the upgrade — but didnt have any problems.

  83. morando86 Says:

    thank you, i will try that and get back to you as soon as i can…im at work

  84. snipes Says:

    david, there’s NO way at all to get the phone back? I’m still able to access the Downloader mode though…

  85. marcelmaieda Says:

    guys…please help me… its possible to upgrade the wm on a i617 from another carrier? Im not a client of AT&T…. my phone will be blocked only for AT&T SIM CARD?

  86. shalantas Says:

    david-went to work for 4 hours came back on my lunch looked at my phone…was doing the same thing…so i closed my eyes…bit my lip and just unplugged it praying and hoping for the best….and it booted up just fine and everything seems great except. every 20 – 25 seconds it makes that noise as if i were unplugging it from the charger….may not be good

  87. cage Says:

    it does the bepping sound to me to i hope it aint nothing
    do i need to install it again because i had the same problem like shalantas

  88. david Says:

    shalantas & cage,
    I would try formatting your phones and see if that takes care of the problem .. you can do that by: “Once the handset has rebooted to the Today Screen, enter the following code: *2767*3855#. The handset should display a message “Formatting- Please wait a moment”.”

  89. cof999 Says:

    has anyone gotten the voice command working? I can’t seem to set a button to activate it, I’d really like to use this feature.

  90. gznuttz Says:

    Do I have to do steps 1 , 2 & 3 in order to upgrade? I sync to my computer using activeSync, not sure about step 2, and all my files are backed up using Dashwire and Outlook. Can I just jump to step 4 and begin the downloader? Also, do I have to remove all the hacks added on my phone before upgrade?
    Thanks in advance!

  91. Techster Says:

    David can you tell me how to repair ICS problem? It happens on USB and on Bluetooth. Everytime I try to connect it just says this: “The Remote Party has ended this connection.” My laptop recieves bluetooth so thats why I’m telling you it doesn’t work. The laptop connects to like half a second and automatically disconnects and the message appears.


  92. david Says:

    techster, unfortunately i havent had a chance to play around with ICS yet — when I do ill let you know what i figure out (if anything)

  93. beelerspace Says:

    Talked to Samsung. Took about an hour on the phone, but they emailed me an RMA/packing slip with pre-paid UPS shipping. 10-14 days.

    Oh well. Maybe I can get in before everyone else starts sending their phone in!

    Seems weird that there isn’t some way to reflash phones like HTC has.

  94. gznuttz Says:

    I successfully upgraded to 6.1!!! So disregard my previous question.

  95. disspartan Says:


  96. Steven_B2 Says:

    Snipes, how did you put your phone in ‘downloader mode’?????

  97. BJ2lover09 Says:

    hi everybody i installed yesterday it was sucessful my phone is run ok except that i cant get the att bj2 home page other thatn that every hack i got runs fine the phone is cool with its sliding panel screen tip dont set a bright pic as ur background with the panels it looks kinda funny

  98. BJ2lover09 Says:

    oh yea and steven_B2 did u try to hold down the power button until it does that what the original blackjack said to do when i upgraded to 6.0 idk if it will work for the BJ2 but try it and see

  99. jwheezy15 Says:

    i have a huge problem.
    just like Steven_B2
    i tried to download the update, and then it said, switch to “downloader mode”
    now my phone freezes and nothing happens
    what do i do???

  100. Steven_B2 Says:

    This from Samsung technical support:
    “Thank you for your reply. No, there is no manual option to place the phone in Download Mode the tool automatically changes the port.”

    So there you have it. If the instructions don’t work to install the update for you, then they also won’t work to help you fix your problem!

    You will have to send in your phone if it gets an error.

  101. cage Says:

    david i did that it said wait a moment but it still does the sound

  102. david Says:

    cage – you sure its not the notification for getting a new email or sms? the notification sound is different by default on WM6.1 .. if its really the cable disconnect sound, my only other suggestion would be to try re-flashing your Blackjack II with the upgrader (which i dont know if you can even do?)

  103. shalantas Says:

    ditto and now my wifes phone is doing it …its spreading!!!!! lol

  104. shalantas Says:

    david- well for me i know its not a new sms or ne thing just a random cable dc noise every 20-25 seconds

  105. morando86 Says:

    i figured out my number one problem. i dont have outlook and never used it when i had it which lead me to taking it of my pc. if anyone out there finds a way to do more directly or atleast with a an outlook….

  106. shalantas Says:

    maybe i did something wrong when installing?
    1. restarted phone
    2. installed software off link provided
    3. plugged usb into computer and phone
    4. waited for full sync
    5. ran update software
    6.followed prompts.
    7.phase one completed phase 2 completed phase three waiting for next image…. time was running down….waited for 4 hours unplugged phone took battery out put it back in. everything else works perfect. excpet this god awfull beeping noise.

  107. fenderstrat65 Says:

    Okay.. I’m having a problem. Go Figure. I’ve installed all the modem drivers, checked them and everything else that needs to be done. I take out my SIM card and plug in the phone to the USB cord and it locates and recognizes everything. Then whenever I start the download it says at the bottom of the screen “Please, Check Board” then says [PDA] Reset Pin or something like that. Then I lose the connection to my computer when it is supposedly going into “Download Mode.” What do I do?

  108. shalantas Says:

    did you put it into modem mode rather then active sync?

  109. fenderstrat65 Says:

    no.. i changed it right back to active sync after i checked all the modem settings were correct.

  110. GenoAlchemel Says:

    A couple of questions (somewhat closely related to what gznuttz asked):

    1. Regarding step 2: installing the samsung modem drivers on the computer..what exactly is the purpose of this step?

    2. Since I’m already using activesync to sync up my phone to outlook (PC) and have already backed up my stuff/contacts to Dashwire/Outlook…can I just bypass everything and just hit up step 4 and begin the update process?


  111. cage Says:

    no it aint the sms noise i have it on vibrate
    do i juss reinstall it

    because the first time i tried to install it phase 3 never finished i waited 2 hours not even 1 percent then i unpluged it
    is that why

  112. tiger2 Says:

    This is a great site for bj2 owners.Thanks to the creators. I installed with no problems.Just follow the instructions.
    What i am having trouble with though is the flash player fix found here
    Can someone figure out how to make it more user friendly? it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  113. devilot Says:


    No, you cannot bypass that step. The updater will switch your phone to modem (download) mode during the update.

  114. david Says:

    cage, just try following the WM6.1 Upgrade instructions again and see if you can can load a fresh WM6.1 ROM image onto your phone. Sounds like something strange happened during the initial install since it didnt appear to complete.

  115. david Says:

    tiger2. ill see what I can do about porting that flash player fix into a CAB

  116. cage Says:

    it takes forever for phase 3 to complete i never got a percent on it i juss yanked the cored out

  117. tiger2 Says:

    Yeaaah…thanks D… there is a link within that article to a microsoft vp guy which while it seemed helpful, reminded me of advanced calculus, (leaves me dazed and confused ). Work your magic Sir D.!!

  118. Hanneman101101 Says:

    Yea I am stuck on the Next image step. On the phone it says that the phone is on but it won’t pass this step. Somebody else had this problem. But I don’t want to have to send my phone in. whats up?

  119. GenoAlchemel Says:

    Thanks for the response devilot….

  120. Hanneman101101 Says:

    Hey I just unpluged it and formatted the phone and it works great!!!! now to test out these new features. O one more thing. I know its soon but do you have a list of hacks, mods, and other stuff that will work on w6.1. I will test some and hit you guys back up with the results.

  121. rico Says:

    skolastix and opilion,

    I’m no expert in reimaging phones with new ROMS, however if your phone is tied to a network (i.e. it is not ‘UNLOCKED’), I don’t think you will be able to use the AT&T ROM on your phone. Most likely, the AT&T ROM updater is checking to see whether the CID is for AT&T. If not, this may be why you are getting the S/W error.

    Here is an explanation of two terms for you (CID and SuperCID). The SuperCID is what you get when a phone is ‘unlocked’.

    The CID (Carrier ID) of the device is a setting which determines which carrier ROMs should be allowed to run on the device, a table of valid CIDs can be found in the wiki pages. All bootloaders (apart from HardSPL and SSPL) will only allow a ROM with the correct CID to be flashed onto the device. A device which has been CID unlocked will have ‘SuperCID’ which allows ANY ROM to be loaded onto the device, SuperCID also unlocks the Ext_ROM and allows it to be mounted.

    By CID unlocking your device the value of the CID is changed to ‘SuperCID’. This allows the flashing of ANY ROM to the device regardless of the carrier and also unlocks the read/write capability of the Ext_ROM.

    I should be getting my ‘unlocked’ BlackJack II in a few days so I hope I won’t have any problems installing the new ROM as I’m from Canada and on Rogers.

    Good luck! :)

  122. canadian357 Says:

    Has anyone on here with the Fido (canada) version of the Blackjack 2 gotten this to work without a hitch? Is it worth the risk?

  123. jmatsoc Says:


    Is there a way to tell if your phone is ‘unlocked’?

  124. shalantas Says:

    ok so i didnt follow the prompts exactly apparently i did not do the whole mode step. i followed the directions to the very t on the website. assured myself i had the latest software and i did a fresh install over the current one once it completed rather quickly i might say it works perfect hacks and all but now i dont get 3g coverage in my house which only happend every now and then but im guessing this could either be the fact i had my sim card in during upgrade. or the upgrade did some new stuff to the radio

  125. BlackJai2 Says:

    I have been having the same problem as shalanta. I am going thru the download one last time, and will let you know what happens. I discovered my modem wasn’t correctly installed the 1st time, and that may be what has caused the EVIL BEEP, as I have taken to calling it.

  126. BlackJai2 Says:

    well, it still didn’t work, it just gets to the phone start, and then goes into an endless time loop. HELP!!!!!!!

  127. skolastix Says:

    Thanks for the info Rico. That make a lot of sense now. I guess I’ll just have to wait when (if) they release a WM 6.1 for the i616. I will cross all of my fingers…

  128. snipes Says:


    Downloader mode is done like this:

    Turn phone off.
    Hold camera + mail buttons
    Then begin holding the back and right soft key buttons
    Then hold the power button.

    So those four keys and the power button.

  129. Steven_B2 Says:

    *********DOWNLOADER MODE!!!**********

    I just got this email from Samsung:
    “Thank you for your correspondence. After discussing the issue with one of Samsung’s Product Specialist, it is possible to place the handset in downloading mode manually. To do so with the phone powered off hold down Volume Up + Back Key while powering on the handset. We apologize for the previous inaccurate information.”

    Can anyone that was having problems try this? I have already sent my phone in after they told me it could not be put into download manually.

  130. rico Says:


    Unfortunately I don’t know of a way for you to check whether your phone is unlocked from your phone or PC per se. The locking portion is done on a ROM chip I imagine and there is no way to check from within Windows Mobile for example.

    As a rule of thumb, if you purchased your phone through a wireless carrier or retail store, it is most likely ‘locked’ to that carrier. Usually unlocked phones come from specialty retailers or eBay (but they MUST say ‘unlocked’ in the listing – don’t just assume).

    Here is a no cost way that I found on the Internet. This method is only useful if you live in an area that has 2 GSM carriers in the same place (such as Fido and Rogers in Canada):

    How do I know if my phone is already unlocked or not?

    Easy. Borrow a SIM from a friend who has an account with a different wireless service provider and see if it works in your phone or not. If it works, and your phone thinks it is his (or her) phone with that phone’s number, then your phone is already unlocked.

    But if it creates some sort of error message and doesn’t work, then your phone is locked.

    Hope that helps!


  131. blackcheque Says:

    Is there any way of updating using bluetooth or a memory card instead of the USB cable? my blackjacks USB/charging port is not working at all

  132. gjw Says:

    Here is a version of TCPMP that works with 6.1

    It doesn’t have all of the filters that the release candidate had but they should be easy enough to find.

  133. Hanneman101101 Says:

    It didn’t do it last night when I did the update but now I have this GOD FORSAKEN BEEP!!!! I will try redownloading it while putting the phone in download manulliy

  134. Greenkufi Says:

    @ rico, skolastix, opilion, and canadian357,

    We all seem to have the same i616 from either Fido or Rogers. Perhaps we should start a thread in the forum for the Canadian version of the Blackjack II.
    In fact I’m gonna go ahead and start a thread under general discussion for just that, I know of a few i616 “challenges” that I think we could probably help each other out with.
    David seems really good at finding solutions so I think this is the best place for it.

    Check out the General discussion forum for topic “Samsung Jack (SGH-i616) “Canadian BJII” on Fido or Rogers” for leads on this an other issues.

  135. Greenkufi Says:

    I’m not even going to try this upgrade. I really need my phone to be working these days. (business and personal life way to busy these days to risk a bricked phone for a month and a half at the rate that Fido works). Plus, I’ve tried to call Samsung in the past about other (minor) issues and I swear you’d think they didn’t even make a phone called SGH-i616 the way they we trying to get rid of me. I don’t think they care much for the Canadian market (like most other). Yeah, too many beeps and errors for my liking. I’ll wait it out.

  136. beelerspace Says:

    Tried downloader mode…the upgrade program on XP still requires an ActiveSync connection, which of course can’t be established even though it recognizes the phone as a USB device. Damn. Off to Samsung you go BJ2!

  137. shalantas Says:

    ok thats weired your getting that beeping noise ill tell you what i did verified i had latest 4.5 active sync then got my cd that came with black jack put phone into modem mode plugged it in. blackjack sowed as queston mark place cd in and updated driver by right clicking and cicking update driver afterwards it was recognized i reformatted myphone and then plaed it back into activesync mode turned it off again as i waited for it to boot up i got a fresh install of the update into my computer followed the first prompt on the install screen untill the update software tells me to follow those three steps. plugged in my phone and waited till it said it was fully connected then i clicked start waited all but 6 mins and my phone was rdy to go. hope this helps ne body with that evil beeping noise. if u feel i missed a step or had any detailed questions my email is

  138. KEALLISF Says:

    So I read every comment left on the page and followed everything to a T, but I can’t do the upgrade. It said the S/W thing that those in Canada were talking about. I’m in Florida though, I’m an AT&T customer, and I checked my phone. Indeed I do have i617. Frustration builds…

  139. skolastix Says:

    Good call Greenkufi!!!

  140. ohmaynitseric Says:

    Here’s for fellow canadian i616 phones users
    I recently emailed fido about the update and this is what they gave me:

    “We have forwarded this your request to the proper channel. At the current time this was not planned but could be an option after the official release of the software. Please visit at that time for more details.”

    *Sigh. It’ll be longer than expected…

  141. mimisabah Says:

    I backed up everything and then hesitantly began the upgrade, following the instructions to the letter. Success! So far, so good. Thanks to everyone for all of the questions and comments, which I think helped me prepare for any possible snag in the process.

  142. moooseman Says:

    ok, so if my bj2 is unlocked and I use it on t mobile, Will it relock my phone if i install the 6.1. lLso i bought my phone unlocked on ebay. any help would be appreciated. Also i tried to search the comments, but it did not give me a clear answer. Thank you.

  143. jmatsoc Says:

    Just don’t have the nuggets to go ahead with the upgrade! Company phone, don’t feel like dealing with IT if something goes wrong. Called ATT to see if they could help if I had issues with the upgrade, they said WM 6.1 isn’t out yet!! I like the mods and hacks I have now, looks like I’ll stick with 6.0……

  144. DaftBJ2 Says:

    I just signed up for the site, seeing how I’ve been visiting it for the past couple weeks. Without it, I wouldn’t have found WM 6.1! Works great and without a hitch….so far…

  145. Ch3rry Says:

    For About 4 Attempts Of Downloading Windows Mobile 6.1 I Finally Was Able To Go All The Way To The Last Phase!



  146. jmck79 Says:

    To people who upgraded, does all your stuff get wiped out or not? Because I dont feel like backup’ing it. Please let me know. Thanks

  147. jwheezy15 Says:

    i tried downloader mode, but it still doesn’t work.
    i need an activesync connection!
    any help?????


  148. yuki Says:

    hi everyone. i successfully did backup and upgrade. I used dashwire and there’s everything I used to have in my phone. I DONT KNOW HOW TO RETRIEVE THOSE PICS AND TEXTS. PLEASE HELP ME I NEED THEM BACK IN MY PHONE. All I could sync was just my contacts. but, that’s it. only contacts. somebody please help me

  149. DaftBJ2 Says:

    I use dashwire too, but as far as I know, it doesn’t sync back media. i tried, and failed. I used WMDC for all of my music and stuff. hope that helps at all, but probably not really.

  150. SEIB13 Says:


  151. thecanfield Says:

    // In this very thread

    Dashwire Says:

    September 3rd, 2008 at 2:22 pm
    Saw some questions about the backup and restore process, which David answered perfectly in a post above. Keep in mind that while we backup a bunch of your content and let you access it online (sms, calls, contacts, photos, vids, settings, etc.), we only restore contacts, bookmarks, and speed dials.

    Also, we just launched a mobile client optimized for WinMo 6.1, so if you’re cool with pre-release software, then you might want to check it out:

    Hit us up if you have any questions.

    // I used PIMbackup.

  152. fenderstrat65 Says:

    Well i figured out my problem. What I did was check my modem settings to make sure they were right, then I set my connection back to activesync and synced the phone. After that I opened the download file and clicked through all the screens until it got to when it tried to connect to the phone in “download mode.” The connection failed, but I figured out all you have to do is disconnect the phone from the USB cable and take the battery out. (only way to turn off phone) Hold volume up button and back button (right soft key) while powering back on phone. (manually puts phone in “download mode.” The computer recognized it and the download started! And from then on Windows Mobile 6.1 is wonderful! No bugs, no hassle, no beeping, no problems whatsoever.

  153. morando86 Says:

    do i need to have outlook to sync because i deleted it. if so, could i use something else beside outlook? (something that is free and don’t have to purchase….i dont use outlok)

  154. morando86 Says:

    do i need to have outlook to sync because i deleted it. if so, could i use something else beside outlook? (something that is free and don’t have to purchase….i dont use outlok)

  155. Hanneman101101 Says:

    het thanks for the help. the beep is gone. i also have the increased graphics, ringtone hack, and increased the cache on the phonre and all seem to to work well. but i really don’t tell a difference on the increased cache. but it will download.

  156. morando86 Says:

    do i need to have outlook to sync because i deleted it. if so, could i use something else beside outlook? (something that is free and don’t have to purchase….i dont use outlok)

  157. david Says:

    syncing with outlook will backup the data on your Blackjack II to outlook.. this is just a backup procedure. You can use Dashwire of PIMBackup to back your data well. Please see the post the the links to both of these solutions. (I recommend dashwire, if you have unlimited data)

  158. SmartAssPhone Says:

    Hey cof999 and disspartan – I know this is way late (You guys MUST have figured this out by now) but the Voice Command Cativation key is the Media Net Key (Striped Globe between Caps/Shift and CV keys) Hold it in for about 2 seconds – you will see a little Microphone 2/3 up on the right side and hear a beep. Not sure what to say? Try saying “Help” or, go here for all the commands it is capable of: Voice Command tutorials: or HERE for help with sound not coming over Bluetooth (a common problem, and so bad on the Blackjack II that there is mention of it on MSDN):

  159. SmartAssPhone Says:

    This is an example of how poorly Samsung implemented Bluetooth (I have had a lot of trouble getting certain devices to connect automatically, even when paird properly – they connect handsfree, but not Stereo A2DP) – This footnote was on the original Blackjack 0 – but illustrates the issue. I coudn’t find the note on BlackJack II again, but I saw it out there somewhere:

    The Bluetooth functionality does not currently work properly on the Samsung Blackjack Windows Mobile 5.0 Samsung BlackJacks prior to AKU3. Incoming caller ID announcements will be spoken via the phone speaker on Samsung BlackJacks with a Windows Mobile build prior to 15097.3.0.0.

    I find THE ONLY WAY TO USE VOICE COMMAND OVER BLUETOOTH – is to turn announcment over bluetooth off in the options, an turn Handsfree (mono) off on my Stereo Bluetooth (with microphone for voice) headset – Blueant X5 Then I get a semi-funtional system. And I like showing off “Play album by (bandname)” It recites all the album names back & yu just repeat the one you want. If anyone has had better success, tell me how you did it!

  160. Ch3rry Says:

    jmck79, everything gets wiped out when u upgrade your blackjack 2 to 6.1, if u need a back up to help to you get microsoft outlook or dashwire to back up all your data.

  161. Jay123 Says:

    my upgrade went flawlessly…EXCEPT…I backed up EVERYTHING using PPCPIMBackup and now it seems the phone wont run the app on my storage card so I have NO WAY to get all my stuff back!! Has anyone encountered this? Is there work around?

  162. morando86 Says:

    i dont use outlook because i dont like it which is why i deleted/uninstalled it. i did use dashwire, but is dat i all need and does it need to be active at the moment of installing the software? my problem was at the moment wehre they asked to put the the two codes, you had a couple of steps after that and then would head to the first phase. it was asked to check and then next, and then again but at that moment when you plug in the usb to the phone and pc click next but i would get an error message saying that i needed to connect the usb when it was already conneted.

  163. Hi-LowBrow Says:

    Hi, I’m a mac user and would like to get my blackjack2 updated with the 6.1. I tried it at work with the pc at work but the firewall did not let me establish the synchronization between my bj2 and the pc. If i have a mac only, how do i get the upgrade?


  164. david Says:

    Jay, Hrm – I was able to launch and restore from PIMBack-up after upgrading to WM 6.1 — are you unable to even launch PIMBackup?

    morando,To backup your data using Dashwire, install it before upgrading, sync everything to the Dashwire website. Perform the upgrade to WM 6.1, then download Dashwire back onto your phone and sync the data back to your phone from dashwire (not it wont sync SMS and a couple other things back to your phone, but it will have a backup of them on the Dashwire website)

  165. david Says:

    Can people that have resolved the “Evil Beeping Issue” on the WM 6.1 upgrades post in the Comments how they fixed this issue please? I would like to be able to post a solution in the post for people that are experiencing it.

    Thanks all!

  166. david Says:

    hilowbrow, i think youll have to install Windows using bootcamp or Parallels/VM Fusion … I don’t believe you _need_ Windows to run the installer.

  167. Hi-LowBrow Says:


    thanks for the information. but the installer is for windows xp or vista correct? so I have to install windows using bootcamp or something? the activesinc does not work on mac and the upgrade installer is also for pc, that means the person who uses the mac should have i-phone instead of bj2? i really like the looks of wm6.1 though.


  168. BavarianWheels Says:

    I just did the update to 6.1…everything seemed to work flawlessly following the directions on this site…they were very good. One problem so far, however…I am not getting 3G signal and the signal strength that used to be very strong in my home is not strong enough now. Everytime I go to the web, it times out and says, “The page cannot be displayed because the connection was lost. Please try again.” So since this is happening, I’m not able to connect to Dashwire to sync all the info. Is there something I can do to regain the 3G signal?

    Thx so much for the update instructions btw…it did run very smooth even for a computer illiterate person like me! :)

  169. morando86 Says:

    here is the order.
    1. connect the smartphone to the usb cord.
    2. establish “AN” activesync connection with your handset.
    3.disable the stndby and hibernation modes on the host pc.
    . now it says to check the little box if the steps were completed….”checked”
    “click next”
    I get a error message the says, “Device is not connected. please check again.”
    and yes, when its on modem the pc recognizes it and after i switch it back to activesync.


  170. e_freeman85 Says:

    i solved my beeping issue by installing the modem drivers and re-trying the upgrade and then it worked no problems and the beeping went away

  171. Angtle Says:

    Wow, before I can even get to the update I receive an error “S/W Version is incorrect, check device”…ok wtf?

  172. KEALLISF Says:

    Has anyone else that has an i617 had the “S/W Version is wrong. Please check the device” message come up? Does anyone know why that message comes or how to fix that?

  173. JEshelman Says:

    Just got done upgrading my BlackJack II, to Windows Mobile 6.1! Everything went FLAWLESSLY. There were no Error Messages or anything! I just simply did what the instructions said and it went perfectly!

  174. jwheezy15 Says:

    Suppesedly this workz,
    but i’m scared to try it.
    Thankz to Moose76:

    Here is the process to un-brick your phone:


    Update software still running on your PC. Must be past the ROM Update screen:
    and on the Downloading screen:


    A spare or borrowed BJ II.
    If you still have the software running and it is still on the downloading screen:

    1) Connect the USB cable to your Powered OFF
    2) Turn the phone on while holding the “Back” and “Volume Up” buttons.
    3) This will boot the phone into the “Bootloader mode”.
    4) The upgrade process should restart.

    If you closed the Upload program like I did, things are a little more complicated. During the normal upgrade process, the phone is put into the Bootloader Mode by the Upgrade software using the Active Sync connection. If the upgrade fails and you brick your phone and closed the software (like I did), there is no way to restart the download process because you can’t Active Sync to your bricked phone. When you try to click “Next” on the ROM update screen, it says there is no phone connected.

    Here is where the spare phone comes in handy. Luckily, my work has several BJ IIs and I was able to borrow a co-workers phone.

    1) Connect the USB cable to the spare BJII as you normally would and start the Update software.
    2) Follow the normal update procedure. Stop when you get to the “Downloading” screen, DO NOT click Start.
    3) At this point, the spare phone should have been put in to “Bootloader mode” by the upgrade software via the Active Sync connection.
    4) Unplug the USB cable from the spare phone and plug it in to your POWERED OFF, bricked phone. Pull the battery from the spare phone. This will take it out of the “Bootloader” mode and will restart normally.
    5) Turn on the bricked phone while holding the “Back” and Volume Up” buttons to start the phone in “Bootloader” mode.
    6) Click “Start” in the software. The upgrade process should restart and hopefully, complete.

  175. paparizzo Says:

    The code to check the lock status of the phone is *#7465625# which spells out simlock :_)

    For reception info type *#0011# and press the hangup button twice to exit and turn off the pink light that comes on after the first press.

    An interesting tidbit for the Canadians like myself; the software version may be i616 but the hardware is i617 according to the FCC info under the battery. My phone seems to have been manufactured in April 2008 so once again Fido (Rogers) is using old software :( . I emailed the Fido tech at the Toronto Eaton Centre and they haven’t heard of a 6.1 upgrade but I will go in person to see them since I have gotten much more useful info in the past from one tech who works there that seems to be more knowledgeable.

  176. koman22 Says:

    Has anyone figured out how to make it so that u can go as far back in ur txt messages as u want because today I realized that it seems to delete the txt messages automatically after about a day. Ive tried selecting older but it only goes back to messages ive sent that day.

  177. gfx Says:

    i was having a ton of trouble getting this to work, every time it would go right through phase 1 and 2 but as soon as it hit phase 3 it would just stop and the time would just spin in and endless loop, after unplugging it from the USB and rebooting the phone it would eventually load up, but when checking versions the phone was still the old version leaving it only half upgraded with the beep a couple of the others have experienced, I tried this about 5 times thinking i had missed something, then i restarted my computer and turned the actual phone function off thru the wireless manager reconnected everything and tried once more and it finally went through without a hitch.

    so if your having the same problem i did, try restarting your computer… if that doesn’t work try turning off the phone function. maybe It’s nothing but that’s all i changed before it worked.

  178. DaftBJ2 Says:

    So, I’ve been using my girlfriend’s old Pantech Duo with WM6. I really do think WM6.1 is so much better. I think tomorrow I will go back to my Blackjack II considering I need a phone that really works. If you are considering the new update, get it. I’m going to do my girlfriend’s Blackjack sometime this week. Don’t forget to back up your stuff though ;]

  179. Ch3rry Says:

    ******** EVIL BEEPING ISSUE *********
    All i can say is that i downloaded the windows mobile 6.1 about 4 times till it finally went to the third phase and then everything was fine! It Get’s Rid Of That Beeping Sound Also!

  180. adiatasha1 Says:

    Hi Everyone!!
    The directions worked great. Loving the new upgrade. A few things though:
    1. Finally a copy and paste option in texting
    2. SMS threading
    3. Voice connection
    4. sliding home screen

    Why is it that my service isn’t as good as before? I dont have as many bars.
    Is there a setting I can get to enhance that?

  181. stayzee Says:

    when it makes the transition from step 2 to step 3 it says waiting for next image and it tells me to insert a disk with samsung cdma or something like that and i don’t know what that! please!

  182. archit105 Says:

    is voice command free in 6.1??
    and r Microsoft Voice Command and voice command in BJ2 the same???

  183. cof999 Says:

    You either need to download the blackjack II drivers onto whatever computer you are using, or insert the disk that came with your BJII at that time, honestly it’s just easier to download the drivers since it will load them automatically. There are step by step instructions on what to do from the samsung download site, it’s really not that difficult.

    Thanks, I had figured it out from some other post, I’m really not happy with that feature, I mainly wanted to use it for music because I have the motorola bluetooth fm transmitter, but the voice command is really clunky and just annoying.

  184. bcruiksh Says:

    Has anybody been able to sync Outlook Mail? I have 6.1 working as well as synching of calendar and contacts. But I cannot find the Outlook Mobile Mail application that I used to have on 6.0.

  185. bcruiksh Says:

    Got Outlook Mail on the phone working. I think it was an outlook problem on the computer possibly.

  186. Jacob V Says:


    I updated my phone to WM6.1, and backed up everything via activesync, but when i tried to re-save all of the files back to my phone, it thought my phone was a different phone than the one i saved my files/contacts/calendar under, and so i already got my files back onto my phone that werent on outlook, but im not sure how to get my contacts and calendar back from outlook, onto my phone, because i dont know where they’re saved

    Any help would be appreciated,


  187. cjcollins Says:

    like several of those above, I bricked my bjII with this update. No indication as to why, or where, the download failed.

  188. KINGPIN007 Says:

    I had the same freeze at part 3. I did what a few others did, unplug the phone and restart then format. all seems to be working fine except when i try to check for the version, i always get a failed message.

    btw, dashwire is a hit!!

  189. KINGPIN007 Says:

    I spoke too soon about dashwire. I was able to upload all of my info to dashwire, but all I can get back were the contacts. text messages won’t go back to the phone, photos won’t go back, neither will videos…

    and yes I have everything checked.

  190. david Says:

    Kingpin – Correct, I dont believe dashwire syncs down your texts/photos/videos.. Im checking to see if the beta client allows it, if it doesnt ill contact Ken at Dashwire to see if they have any plans to work this in.

  191. jeffk Says:

    So have read everything ppl has been having problems with. But now I’m tring to do this but for some reason I cant get my phone to connect with the PC it did a few times but now that I’m at the point I need it to most wont do so. I was Vista can someone please help me out

  192. jeffk Says:

    Okay some how I was able to make it work. So I’m all good. But I was wondering if there was any good apps to put on th bj2?

  193. david Says:

    yeah – check out the site. it pretty much lists all the great apps for the blackjack II.

  194. tonycenname Says:

    So i upgraded and now when i try to use Internet explorer, a “500 Internal Server Error” come sup.How do i fix this?

  195. thesilentnight Says:


    What site are you referring to that lists all the great apps for the blackjack II?

  196. aewilson92 Says:

    I tried putting it on and it totally Effed my phone so now i dont have it for 30 days…. GREAT! :0

  197. david Says:

    …. this site. … ?

  198. david Says:

    im sorry to hear that — have you already sent it into Samsung for repair? Other people here have reported that the turn around on the warranty service is pretty quick.

  199. dr@ke Says:

    *** To tonycenname — about the 500 Internal Server Error… I called AT&T about that today and got a quick fix that worked like a charm!
    Open up IE on your blackjack. Hit Menu > Tools > Options. Select “Memory.” Then select the “Clear” option for all three shown: Temporary Files, Cookies, and History. Next, hit “Done,” twice then exit and stop IE. Reload and you should be good. ***

    Now, onto my post for help.

    I cannot get the WM6.1 upgrade to work. The Mobile Modem drivers FAIL for me each and every time!
    Problem #1 — I’m using WinXP Pro SP3, which Samsung refuses to support with these drivers yet did little to point out on the upgrade page. (Yes, it’s there, but it’s mixed in mid-paragraph, versus being in LARGE, BOLD, flashing-red print.)
    Problem #2 — BOTH the downloadable drivers and the drivers available on my BJ2 CD fail to properly install all the modem files. The download and CD both contain Samsung Mobile Modem v4.40.7 drivers. Neither of which seems to have a working and functioning winXP *.INF file for the actual modem driver itself (on device manager, the diagnostic serial port and usb composite device drivers DO install fine, though), since Add/Remove hardware keeps telling me that it lacks the “required section” or something or other for the INF file for the modem driver itself.

    Now, after having spent nearly 3 hours on the phone with Samsung this evening, I decided to uninstall SP3 and try again — but the drivers keep failing. So, I downloaded the last recent version of the drivers v4.38.5. These didn’t work either.

    HELP HELP HELP — not only have I had to compromise my Windows XP Pro’s installation by downgrading to SP2, but I simply cannot get working driver files no matter where I search or what I try. I’m going nuts here, just dying to get WM6.1 loaded on my phone.

  200. david Says:

    dr@ke .. im sorry to hear youre having such trouble.. The modem drivers shouldnt be a big deal to install. When you say the modem drivers “don’t work” do you mean you cant install them at all (on Win XP SP2) or after you install them you can’t use them to interface with your Blackjack II?

  201. dr@ke Says:

    The mobile modem drivers install the usb composite device and the serial diagnostic port, but not the modem driver itself. The hardware install function goes along in the background, then just pops up a window stating something to the tune of “cannot install, the INF is missing the required section.” Now, I don’t know how it can be missing the required section, whatever that may be, since I’m apparently the only user on the site having this problem… so I doubt I managed to get corrupted INF files for the mobile modem driver.

    Nonetheless, here’s what I did to try and get it to install.
    When I last reinstalled XP Pro, I created a custom boot image (using nLite) to take out some of the excess crap that I don’t use and to slipstream SP2 into the installation. When SP3 was released back in the spring, I installed it to my machine cuz Windows software security is a good thing even though it’s always on-going…
    Found out that Samsung doesn’t support XP SP3 for the mobile modem drivers, so I had to uninstall SP3 and revert back to SP2.
    Back in SP2… I followed Samsung’s installation instructions — made sure I had ActiveSync v4.5 working, then “installed the drivers,” then switched the phone’s USB connection to “modem” and connected to the PC. Sure enough, Windows starts automatically installing the necessary drivers in the background but STILL gets tripped up on the INF missing the “required section.”

    After having spent a good two hours on tech support with Samsung yesterday, I’m disinclined to do so again with their possibly-non-native English speaking staffers who didn’t really help me figure this problem out yesterday. They eventually suggested I either (1) take my phone to AT&T and have them upgrade it for me in-store or (2) upgrade using a friend’s computer. This is unacceptable to me, since wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the new applicability of the phone as a psuedo-wifi modem on MY home PC? And for that matter, what’s to say that AFTER I would upgrade on someone else’s computer that my current software setup would continue to work for my phone??

    Anyway… At this point, after downgrading to XP Pro SP2 I’m completely stumped as to why the drivers STILL aren’t installing so I can get my phone upgraded. I really want to get this to work on my computer, but right now I can’t figure out how short of wasting my weekend to do a complete *standard* OS reinstall (rather than my custom install) just in order to get my phone upgraded. Right now, an OS reinstall is the only thing I can’t come up with that might help since everything else I’ve done hasn’t worked yet — and trust me, I’ve gone as far as trying to figure out if I can tweak/rewrite the INF file myself to get it to install, however Samsung outsourced the drivers to another company and I can’t decipher their particular gobbledy-gook in the driver file to do so.

    This help shed any light on things? I’m gonna suck it up and spend another chunk of my day on the phone with Samsung again, but I’m crossing my fingers that maybe the community can help me out.

  202. jr72 Says:

    I wanted to chip in with my own experiences on all this as I’ve had similar issues… FYI I have an unlocked AT&T BJ II (SGH-i617) bought from an online store in Canada (that obv ships stuff from the US and CDN)

    Firstly at David – Thanks for the dedicated website to our beloved handset :: Thumbs up :: :)

    At dr@ke: Not that I’m trying to sound like “I’m cleverer than you” or anything, but I have WinXP SP3 running in a VirtualBox guest OS on an Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) host OS. As an aside issue, USB support seems a little buggy in VBox getting ActiveSync to detect the phone but it’s done it enough times for me to try this upgrade… Anyway, just FYI, I’ve successfully installed the modem drivers and had all 3 Device Manager items show up as required, so it’s VERY weird that you can’t get your’s to work :s – Sorry you’re having so many problems!

    Off topic topic: Although I too sat in a queue on the phone to Samsung – the 1st level seemed to suggest they’d had a lot of calls about this update in general and put me through to 2nd level after about 3mins; 2nd level gave up after about 7mins and then I was in a queue to 3rd level for 45mins before giving in – btw, if you don’t have a landline phone to call on and your 888 dialling isn’t free on your phone, I used Skype to call them and it seemed to still be free calling :D Anyway I wanted to say that your comment about “non-native english speakers” comes across as slightly racist and is totally unnecessary even if the actual technical support quality we got was cr*p. How many languages have you learnt to speak fluently enough to get a job, even if it is just in a call centre? And let’s face it, even 3rd level support are just that, they didn’t design, build or “test” the update. But sure, some people at Samsung need a good flogging for the amount of time, tears, returns and general grief they’ve caused a lot of people here as it seems a lot of us have been waiting months for this update!

    At shalantas & cage: I too had the infinite countdown thing happen to me (twice now). I tried someone’s suggestion found here or on other sites (sorry David! haha) to turn off the “phone” function in the Wireless Manager and try the upgrade again. Oddly I don’t get the “god awful” beeping at all tho.

    My personal experience in all is this: My first problem occurred when pre-Phase 1 of the update, when the downloader tries to connect to the phone – it puts the phone into the “Download mode” and then shows the “please, check your board ‘MEM_RES” screen and locks the phone. As others pointed out, leaving the update prog running, taking the battery out of the phone to switch it off, then switching it back on in “Download mode” allows the phone to reconnect to the update prog and then it continued to complete Phase one and Phase 2 OK. Then when the phone screen shows that it’s trying to start the phone (or PDA??) up again to do Phase 3, I get the infinite countdown :( I thought that maybe taking the battery out, switching it on again in “Download mode” would allow it to reconnect to the update prog as per pre-Phase 1, but alas, no….

    Either way I did the rest of the instructions re formatting the phone with that handset code and checked the version numbers, which show these lines:

    PDA: i617UCHH2 (the new wm 6.1 ver)
    Phone: i617UCGK2 (the old wm 6.0 ver)

    Everything seems to work fine (at least the new eye candy slider menu works, the phone makes / receives calls and SMS, the organiser does it’s thing ok too. I don’t have access to a BMW with iDrive to see if that works, lol.

    *** Does anyone have any idea whether leaving it semi upgraded like this is a big problem? ***

    And finally (sorry for the huge post) lots of us (esp dr@ke it seems) have put a LOT of work and effort into this update, and really, why? What is it doing to improve our lives, or phones? Yes, I’m guilty too of basically just wanting the eye-candy shiny slider menu thingy and half my work was just getting VitualBox to connect the phone to ActiveSync, haha.

    But tbh, since the phone does what I need it to, unless anyone tells me something is going to go hideously wrong with the phone semi-upgraded, I’m giving up until Samsung re-re-release this upgrade to do something a LOT less time consuming and frustrating. Unless you NEED one of the updates for some serious reason, I suggest y’all do the same. Have a beer, talk to some friends, chill out! :)

  203. jeffk Says:

    David how do i set my phone up to be the modem for my laptop

  204. xzibio Says:

    The New update is nice and all but for some reason it is draining my battery faster than wm6. I fully charge my phone and will hardly send like a couple text durin the day before I see at the end of the day my battery is at its last block dead. What could be my problem? My task manager is only running three programs in the background which is the task manager, messages and alarms. My friend is having the same problem with his phone also. Is there a way to fix this or is there a way to downgrade back to wm6 with some flash rom?


  205. cage Says:

    im juss here 2 say i upgraded my blackjack 2 and it works no bepping sound or nothing
    i love this web site

  206. jr72 Says:

    Ah cr*p, I spoke too soon…. damned beeping, hahaha. Serves me right I guess… ;)

  207. jr72 Says:

    Finally… It’s done :D 4 attempts all doing slightly different things each time which may or may not have affected anything, so for those still trying to get this to work… read my long post above then come back here:

    Before installing, turn off both your firewall AND Anti Virus (there’s a tiny note in the Vista instructions, but no mention in the XP set??) This seems to help with the “incorrect s/w version” eror some ppl get too. If you get to the infinite countdown timer as the updater is trying to start Phase 3 (like me, shantalas, cage), keep the phone connected to the computer, take out the battery, switch on in Download Mode (vol up + back button + power). It took me 3 attempts on this stage alone before the updater decided the phone was reattached and proceeded to process Phase 3, complete everything and reboot. As per the instructions, format the phone using the code, reboot and then check the versions.

    Now to install the handy apps listed elsewhere in this site ;)

  208. 123sophie Says:


    So i tried downloading it, and it was working perfectly. the blakc screen came up and it said 1. boot 2. pda and so on and it was COMPLETELY loaded-did not freeze whatsoever. UNTIL the end. it said time: and the number kept on fluxuating. its been fluxuating for a long time now, about an hour. it doesnt resemble anything youve said. and then my phone disconnected from the computer by itself, and it wont reconnect. none of the buttons are working. PLEASE HELP!

  209. 123sophie Says:

    nevermind, david. it has the samsung screen thing, so i have to call the samsung number.

  210. 123sophie Says:

    okay, it took about 24 hours to work, but i love it! thanks for posting!
    i feel bipolar. lol

  211. 123sophie Says:

    okay, last one, i promise!
    which way do i put the sim card in?
    i know, it sounds extremely stupid, but i dont want to put it in the wrong way and damage my sim card.

  212. 123sophie Says:

    how do i reinstall the modem drivers?

  213. omgteemotee Says:

    I updated my phone to the newest verison which is Windows Mobile 6.1, and now I’m recieving messages late, Did me updating my phone mess up my phone from recieving messages? Also, when I try to make a test call to my phone, I goes straight to voicemail, My phone’s not working correctly anymore! Is it because of the update? Please reply with help, I really need it, I really need to use my phone, It’s an emergency! Please and Thank you very much!

  214. torch29 Says:

    I got it. First Time! NICE

  215. Jack Says:

    i616 users in Canada: Please do not try to download the AT&T version for this without setting yourself up for problems. Rogers and Fido are doing a 6.1 upgrade very very soon and you will be able to get the software from their sites as downloads with a full set up instructions. I don’t anticipate any longer than 2-3 weeks maximum.

  216. david Says:

    omgteemotee, I would try re-upgrading to WM 6.1 again and see if that clears up your problems. If that doesn’t work I would call AT&T support and see if they can help you troubleshoot the issue.

  217. 123sophie Says:

    please answer-where are the instructions to reinstall the modem drivers

  218. david Says:

    I believe you can just follow the installation instructions again just like Samsung instructs you to. You could also try removing it by going to Control Panel > Add & Remove Programs

  219. 123sophie Says:

    thankyou! I never knew about the second one.

  220. 123sophie Says:

    Oh nevermind, I did. I thought that you meant on my phone!

  221. fettuccinni0 Says:

    hi guys im having trouble installing the modem drivers. i tried installing them from the disc and the by downloading, but neither way works. the computer keeps saying that the drivers are already installed and they must be uninstalled.

  222. KINGPIN007 Says:

    Hey Sophie? Did you just leave your phone on when the counting on phase 3 began? I’m having the same problem and i’ve tried jr72′s recommendation but the phone isn’t connecting to active sync.

    Please let me know.

  223. KINGPIN007 Says:

    no worries. I called samsung support and they were able to solve the problem. Everything works fine now.

    The reason the phase 3 wasn’t starting was because I didn’t have the modem drivers installed. Be sure to confirm installation of the modem in device manager before restarting pc.

    I got TCPMP to work again and my pocket nes.

  224. david Says:

    fettuccinni0 – Have you gone to your You Computer > Control Panel > Add and Remove Programs, and uninstalled the Modem drivers from there? and then tried reinstallting them?

  225. Mika1125 Says:

    I need help…….my phone was disconnected from the computer during the installation…..what do I do now ? My phone wont boot up…all I keep getting is the Samsung screen. I’ve tried restoring it to factory settings but, nothing is working….someone help me PLEASE !!

  226. david Says:

    mika, try reading the post: Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade Troubleshooting Tips

  227. 78firebird Says:

    Any downgrade to 6.0? 6.1 broke my Jawbone headset and every side is saying to call microsoft to fix samsung’s shet.

  228. david Says:

    78firebird, I think the only way to downgrade it to send you phone into Samsung and have them re-flash it :(

  229. jeffk Says:

    So everything works great on my phone that I use all the time. But for some reason I can’t get T9 on my phone anymore. Can anyone help me out with this?

  230. rhodge Says:

    how do i set an alarm? can’t find it anywhere!

  231. bokra Says:

    ok i just skimmed this page so if this has already been answered i apologize but here goes, i did the update without reading much into this because im and over confident computer geek and my phone started beeping at me. i started reading stuff and i realized that although im good with comps i dont know crap about cell phones and realized i did this with sp3 installed. i went back uninstalled sp3 and tried to reconnect my phone, the computer doesnt recognize it through the usb cord. i uninstalled and reinstalled the software including the modem driver and now it still will not read my phone or my girlfriends (we both have blackjack 2s). please help because i would like to go back and redo the install and put some of the awesome apps off of this site on it. thanks for any help.

  232. omarone Says:

    I wonder why I was able to install and go through the update process using XP and SP3 without any issues? I did the update the day it was posted on here about 3 weeks ago or something and have not had one issue what so ever. Lucky I guess..;)

  233. Icand Says:

    So i had the “Evil Beeping” and i have SP3. I re-installed the modem drivers from the samsung website. And correctly installed the modem,port,composite device. I attempted to install 6.1 again and it worked and no beeping so far =]

  234. itsshanice Says:

    OMG, I AM SO STRESSED ABOUT STEP 2! i cannot install the modem drivers! i dont have a cd. i went to the samsung website and downloaded

    but after keeps telling me to unzip the files…i do that! theres no other options after this! PLEASE HELP!! I REALLY WANT 6.1!

  235. itsshanice Says:



  236. keymaster80 Says:

    I have a dilemma that I have not seen addressed anywhere-The installers for both XP and Vista say that they need the 32 bit version of either to work properly…but all I have here is 64 bit versions of XP and Vista! I’d really like to do this upgrade sometime, but if they don’t have installers that will work with these, I’m pretty much stuck!

    Currently, I run ActiveSync on my XP64 box, synchronizing to Outlook 2007 with no difficulties at all.

    Any suggestions?

  237. david Says:

    Im not saying you won’t run into trouble :) – but checkout this comment:

    Sounds like darklite was able to perform the installation using Windows XP 64.

    I think the trick to getting the install to work without problems is getting your modem drivers to install correctly and completely before performing the upgrade.

  238. DaftBJ2 Says:

    Is there a reason that At&t has yet to add a link to the 6.1 update? It’s been a while since the update came out on the Samsung website, and I was wondering if this was just a pre-release to test the bugs out or something. I’ve had the update for a while, and I somewhat miss 6.0 standard.

    Any ideas?

  239. 123sophie Says:

    I have serious volume issues. My backjack 2 used to be very loud, but now, at the highest volume, I can barely hear it from 20 yards away! I have seen comments that talk about a volume booster that helped-do you know anything about this? Plus, I still do not know where samsung has instructions for reinstalling modem drivers. The CD, instruction manual, etc? It might be a stupid question, but I’m wondering. My phone has been through everything (just the samsung screen when I try to reboot, beeps, perfect-ness, more beeping) and it is driving me crazy!

    wb, -sophie

  240. kngotran Says:

    YAY! I finally finished the update .. In the process of getting all the data back. Anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH :) :) :) I did some of the steps out of order .. I don’t know how I managed that .. But it still works fine!

    Thanks again!

  241. kiladibz Says:

    Ok, so i did the install. worked wonderfully. Now whenever I try to use gps it says that com 0 can not be opened. I have tired doing it before installing modaco and after, getting the same results . Any idea ???

  242. david Says:

    kiladibz, what program are you using with the GPS?

  243. stephen813 Says:

    hey guys im having trouble with step four of the update process for vista, i cant find the

    BlackJackII_WM6_1_Upgrade_For_Vista file on my computer


  244. Chester86 Says:

    Love the new update, but still getting the “403 Forbidden” . . .anyone else getting this problem too???

  245. capenduff Says:

    Having problems with my phone recognizing the connecting with the lab top. Once I hit the up arrow, back bottom, and power on after a couple seconds it gives me USB connection failed. I followed the steps exactly as they were. Anyone have this problem and help?????

  246. Jay Says:

    I cant view CAD files on my BJ2 using w6.1. Any toughts?

  247. david Says:

    CAD files? I highly doubt youll be able to view those on a Windows Mobile device.

  248. Jay Says:

    You know the compressed files you use to upload new applications on your phone. I was able to view the CAD files and install apps before I updated to WM 6.1.
    Now I trying to reinstall these apps, I can’t view them from the phone even though they appear on the my device\MY DOCUMENTS folder that’s on the pc after I sync.

  249. Jay Says:

    Sorry> I meant CAB files

  250. Jay Says:

    found them

  251. lferguson1 Says:

    david, is there any way to fix the problem of only one text message showing in my inbox at a time?

  252. ploudermilk Says:

    is there a way to delete the download after you have downloaded it? I downloaded it with SP3 and my phone has been deleting stuff by itself. Pissing me off

  253. whoami40 Says:

    Works like a charm… forgot to back up all my stuff.. now its like getting a new phone!

    anyone know how to change the right soft keys description from all settings to contacts? it is just bugging me really bad!

  254. whoami40 Says:

    ok i decided i dont really like it is there a way to go back to the old windows mobile 6?

  255. musicaddict324 Says:

    hey i love this website! my phone is so cool now :]] i just wanted to know if you could please make a download for windows mobile 6.0? i really need it because i have to exchange my phone with at&t and if they find that i downloaded this, i will get charged. or if there is any way that i could reset my phone so that it’s 6.0 again? thank you guys soooo much! :]

  256. david Says:

    whoami, the only way i know of to get WM6.0 back on your phone is to mail it into Samsung and have them reflash it. (I think youll have to tell them that youre phone isnt working properly after the WM6.1 upgrade .. check out the WM6.1 Troubleshooting post of problems you can claim youre having :) )

  257. david Says:

    musicaddict, i dont think AT&T is going to care if youve upgraded your phone to WM6.1 … are you sure they are going to charge you? That seems very strange to me. The only way I know of how to reset your phone to WM6.0 is to mail it into Samsung and have them restore WM6.0 (see above post).

  258. david Says:

    lferg, not sure – i havent heard of this problem before. i’d suggest re-upgrading to WM6.1 .. you might have had a bad install.

  259. david Says:

    ploudermilk, not sure if i follow – you can deleted the WM6.1 upgrade files from your computer after downloading without any effect to your phone. If files on your phone are mysteriously disappearing you have a problem..

  260. ploudermilk Says:

    I meant from my phone. The wm 6.1 is not working properly on my phone but I dowloaded it with service pack 3 not knowing that I should download it with service pack 2. My computer does not recognize my phone when i plug it up since wm 6.1 has been installed on my phone. So i am not sure what to do.

  261. pnordgre Says:

    My upgrade went fine as far as the software installation went, but I am left with the following buggy issues:

    –I am unable to save changes to profiles or displays. In Profiles, when the new choice is selected, it flashes for a moment, then returns to the default. In Displays, it gives the message “Unable to save”.

    –The GPRS settings were completely lost, rendering the Internet connection non-functional. I had to create new GPRS and Proxy settings; the input screens in these areas seem to be missing their labels, but I was able to “guess” my way through the places to key in the settings. This got my Yahoo and Outlook sync working, but IE still can’t find the Net.

    These are probably all issues that can be fixed somewhere in Settings, but where….any suggetions?

  262. plays2 Says:

    can i download this on my mac somehow?

  263. david Says:

    plays2, No, you cannot install the upgrade from a Mac – sorry :(

  264. billabong687 Says:

    where do i find the id and key code to begin installation?

  265. david Says:

    billabong, in the instructions Samsung provides.. follow their instructions step-by-step and you’ll see them.

  266. blackjack208 Says:

    HI ALL ! I’m new & this is 1st post.ihave read all comment.I through all MOD here great,same to me every one got problem upgrade because 2 things.1-DONT TOOK OUT SIM CARD.2-WINDOW XP, SEVICE-PACK3 WONT WORK with SYN,even u just use SYN tranfer files beetwen comp-device-comp it also WONT work.With win XP sp2=good,VISTA = good on WMD.ok my Q? if after good upgrade phone 6.1,before install garmen mobile XT ,do I need to install any software from MODACO (eg:hack.appl unlock…….)?????or i only need install Garment XT 50020 to storgage sim?? THANK’S ALL

  267. vnp006 Says:

    i am having a problem:
    after i went through the update, the only thing that i see is a black background with the samsung logo in white writing. Is there anything that i can do to fix this??

  268. blackjack208 Says:

    vnp006 let go here ,PLEASE READ SLOWLY or COPY and folowing this you will be good.

  269. billabong687 Says:

    my gps was working with my wm 6.1 update, but today it just stopped and now it wont work on livesearch or google maps… does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this or should i start all over?

  270. billabong687 Says:

    by the way thanks david for the reply on how to install wm 6.1

  271. jahizen Says:

    hey, whats good, pple. i have a problem, installed everything i need to update to 6.1, when i put in the ID and KEY, i get to the next screen and it acts funny, the cursor wont go into the box so i can check it. has any one experienced this?

  272. jahizen Says:

    ok, nm, i figured out the prob. but i got another query. how the hell am I supposed to establish a connection when
    1. fone is supposed to be OFF
    2. sim card is supposed to be OUT?

    it seems phone NEEDS to be on, and SIM card IN.

  273. david Says:

    You dont need to have a cellular connection (which is what the SIM would allow) to update your Blackjack II to WM6.1 … it just has to be connected to your PC via ActiveSync. I believe you have to turn your phone on at some point in the process.. Just follow Samsung’s instructions step-by-step and you’ll be fine.

  274. marine5537 Says:

    i really want to do this upgrade but it looks like there a lot of stuff that can go wrong, plus when i tried earlier, i couldnt follow the directions. the part where it says download the samsung drivers or whatever, the link it took me to showed me what i thought were the drivers but, when i opened them it showed something different than what the example showed. plus activesync is always unreliable. today it randomly said it couldnt connect for the first time. sometimes it just wont open. it the 6.1 upgrade really worth all this trouble? are there directions out there that make sense?

  275. david Says:

    marine, in my opinion the Blackjack II upgrade to WM6.1 is well worth it. I am MUCH happier running WM6.1 than I was running WM6.0.

  276. kevinp Says:

    Hello, I just recently started to update my BJII, well tried to, I’m at Step 4: “Begin Software Update Process” and I plugged my phone in like it said, and I activesync’d it like it said and when I try to start the WM 6.1. update it says: “S/W Version is wrong. Please check the device.” What does this mean, I don’t know what to do.

  277. p11skater Says:

    i just updated last night to 6.1, and as someone mentioned before, you have to leave your sim card in to do so.
    it requires your windows mobile desktop manager to have a connection with the phone (status says connected), and to do such you need your sim card in the phone. i tried forever to get it to connect without it, then it just clicked in my head, and i put the card back in, viola. connection.

    dont lose this post under mine – wish i could tell you what it means kevin…
    Hello, I just recently started to update my BJII, well tried to, I’m at Step 4: “Begin Software Update Process” and I plugged my phone in like it said, and I activesync’d it like it said and when I try to start the WM 6.1. update it says: “S/W Version is wrong. Please check the device.” What does this mean, I don’t know what to do.

  278. xpnkfemmex Says:

    Is there a way i can download windows mobile 6.1 without the CD? because i lost the CD.

  279. david Says:

    xpnkfemmex…. Its been awhile, but i think all the files you need are downloaded via Samsung’s update webpage….

  280. lovemyphone Says:

    I’m confused! Is this update worth all of this? I want it if it is but do I really need it? Do I uninstall XP SP3? Then do the download and stuff to upgrade my phone and then reinstall XP SP3? I’m worried about issues with the phone after this AND issue’s with my pc. Also, what is different about 6.1 ?

  281. david Says:

    I think WM6.1 is worth it — you certainly dont *need* it – but I think it makes the Blackjack II alot more usable.

    I sounds like alot of people had success upgrading to WM6.1 using SP3 as long as they turned off all their Anti-virus and Firewall software while they did it. That being said, Samsung recommends not upgrading using SP3.

    If youre more comfortable uninstall SP3 then do that, make sure all your antivirus/firewall software is disabled, perform the upgrade and re-install SP3.

  282. gizsmo21 Says:

    I have a mac, but had to go to my Dad’s house to run the update. ran fine on SP3. THANKS!!!

  283. miss yvette Says:

    okay i have 2 problemz 1 is that when i upgraded my black jack on my home screen it has the start button & the call history but when i click call history it wont go 2 call history it goes 2 my contacts. & on my main menu i dnt have a call history.
    my other problem is wen i put my phone on silent it will be on silent bt when i get a txt message it will vibrate not be silent & it didnt do that before…
    how can i fix it

  284. yoterry Says:

    There’s no problem to install window 6.1 even if I didn’t take out the SIM card.
    It was easy. Thanks a lot.

  285. Lachrymose Says:

    I am dumbfounded! I did this Upgrade to my phone and everything went fine until after step 3, it seemed good, and the phone screen was stuck with a line that said Time: XXX where XXX=numbers continually rotating like it was counting or something. I thought I screwed it up, so I followed the directions and tried to restart the phone in download mode. When it started up like it normally did, I thought it might be screwed, but the system seemed to upgrade. I checked and it says Window Mobile 6.1, so everything seems to work fine, except that the downloader / upgrade program on the pc said it ran into a problem and I should try starting over. Should I? I’m confused, so I’m just going to stick with the upgrade it did. I hope nothing goes too terribly wring. I just unlocked it to work on tmobile today, and I did this tonight. Now I’m going to synch with tmobile features for my sim. If any one knows what happened to my upgrade, or has an idea, shoot me an email:

  286. rabhimself Says:

    alright so i really want to get wm 6.1 on my phone but when im installing it goes to phase 1 and does its thing. phase 2 its does its thing then after that it just says waiting for next imageor whatever and just sits there. ive tried taking out the sim card, leaving it in, and nothing works. so what should i do?

  287. esmy20 Says:

    can someone help me! i reached step 4 but when my phone start in downloading mode my phone states [phone ] active off. dont know what to do???

  288. dextrick Says:

    this is going to sound super lame, but i upgraded via my old desktop… and now.. my laptop (the pc i was having issues w/earlier) fails to install the new drivers from my blackjack…. so until it can detect the new drivers… it won’t detect my phone… and windows mobile is already installed in my laptop… if it makes a difference my desktop runs xp and my laptop runs vista 32bit. i’m so sad… :(

  289. store69 Says:

    Is the BJ2 compatible with the SDHC 2.0 specifications.
    I head that this new format, the SDHC works differently than standard SD cards…
    i would like to use a 16G with my phone…
    Anyone ?

  290. tayistaz Says:

    Hey im having trouble with my computer finding my bj2 can some one he;p with the activsyn finding it???

  291. david Says:

    tayistaz, what version of Windows are you using? XP vs Vista? Which service packs? etc.

  292. John77 Says:

    Quick Question,
    I’ve finally been able to update my phone and as far as I know it has worked fine the first time. However,
    During the Upgrade, down in my task bar,(the thing that usually says,”new hardware has been found”, had said some problems occcured during the setup and your device may not work properly. Will this mess anything up? I checked the versions upon start up and their correct. Also during phase 3, instead of Com8 it was com6, Now this is just talking about where the modem is attached to right?

  293. tayistaz Says:

    david im using windows xp and i have a att blackjack 2 my activesync jus keeps saying conncting and never connects.

  294. tayistaz Says:

    i followed it step by7 step downloaded the modem ant activesync and still can upgrade my phone also cant find my device with activesync just keeps saying conncting i turm off the firewall didnt help unistalled the modems and activesync and it still not working can anyone help im using windows xp

  295. filmdc Says:

    i’ve been having a problem installing the samsung mobile modem drivers in windows xp media center. the modem drivers are downloaded in the zip from samsung for xp, and the installation into program files seems to work well enough, but whenever i place the phone into modem mode, the computer loses connection with it, and says that the usb device is unrecognized, and it may be malfunctioning and so on. device manager does not show the samsung drivers, and when i try to add them in manually, or add new hardware (the phone and the drivers) windows doesnt recognize either the drivers or the phone. ive tried different usb ports, all other modes work, and when i tried installing 6.1 – it hung up on the the third phase, and windows gave me the same message it does when i switch the phone into modem mode.

    a) i believe this is a modem firmware problem on my phone – its not sending windows information and so windows cant associate it….only in modem mode though. the other modes work fine, and i can even use my phone without a problem – i just have that annoying beeping sound every minute or so.

    b) but why aren’t the modem drivers from samsung for xp working in windows, or being actually added to the device manager, regardless of the phone?

    c)reformatting per holding the up button on the d-pad and starting the phone worked as far as the process goes, but my phone still had 6.1 and looked untouched. it isn’t a factory reset, more like a erasing of cache or something.

    anyone expirience problems with the modem drivers this way? im in service pack 2 after uninstalling 3, and i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the samsung drivers and activesync 4.5.



  296. filmdc Says:

    good news: formatting stopped the beeping for the time being. thats great! my phone seems to be 6.1 ready, just the bumpy and incomplete install has left a nagging sensation in the back of my mind. is my phone good to go or because the install failed at phase 3, will i have more problems?

  297. tayistaz Says:

    I still cant get the upgrade my computer is saying im device is not connected and it is im using windows xp. my activesync is not connecting either i did every step downloaded the modem driver and its still not working can anybody help me plz i really want this upgrade


  298. filmdc Says:

    ok, so the format did not stop the beeping.

    so, my sister brought home a laptop running xp service pack 2. activesync and phone connected perfectly. so before i went any further, i downloaded the modem drivers to the laptop and isntalled them. i connected by phone in modem mode, and her laptop gave me the same message as before: usb device is not recognized or is malfuctioning….

    i tried to install the devices via the drivers, but windows wouldn’t add them or recognize them.

    two different computers, running service pack 2. no dice, and of course the 6.1 install then failed at phase 3 as i expected.

    so it has to be my phone then, right? the software on the phone responsible for identifying it in modem mode is not working or corrupt or absent.

    i have to rule out the usb cable because the cable works fine for all other types of data and connections.

    So on that note:
    why do i need to install those mobile modem drivers on the comptuer in the first place while connecting to the comp in modem mode?

  299. david Says:

    filmdc, sorry to hear that :( .. if youve tried the upgrade on two different computers and youre sure youve followed Samsung’s directions to a T, you may have to send it into Samsung to have them flash it .. not sure about their turn around but i think its pretty fast.

    you might try connecting your blackjack ii to your computer in ActiveSync mode rather than Modem mode (if memory serves thats how I upgraded mine) – though i dont know if anything bad can happen to your phone done this (i dont think it can, but who knows).

  300. tayistaz Says:

    i need help

  301. nikae5 Says:

    I installed 6.1 this morning on BJ2. Had zero problems downloading and installing. However have had Multiple problems with everything else. 1. Must have new cert to sync with my laptop. 2. Can’t get on internet because it times out too quickly (and yes, I have reset the power management). 3. Can’t use Jabra bluetooth anymore – you know, the one I have been using w/6.0 for the last 6 months…

    Overall, I would say don’t upgrade to 6.1. Instead, RUN..

  302. greatstar Says:

    For people having problems:

    1. Keep your SIM Card in so ActiveSync can recognize device.
    2. Change Connections/USB back to ActiveSync right after modem drivers have been installed so you can establish an activesync connection when the uploader program asks you to establish an activesync connection in step 4, Number 8.

    Hope it helps. It did for me.

  303. flip4i Says:

    I just finished my update and everything went well. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know how to check to see what service pack they are running. Follow the instructions below:

    1. Click on Start
    2. Click on Run
    3. Type winver
    4. Click OK
    5. About Windows screen will pop up. In the parenthesis, it will say what service pack you are running.

    I hope this small contribution will help someone. I know the posts here helped me.

  304. jmatsoc Says:

    After successfully upgrading to wm 6.1 I’m reinstalling all the mods I had. After installing the Blackberry Bold theme the “contacts” button now says “today”. It still brings me to my contacts, has anyone else seen this?

  305. tayistaz Says:

    so uhave to keep ur sim card in????

  306. jen8112 Says:

    # jr72 Says:
    September 13th, 2008 at 3:01 pm

    Finally… It’s done :D 4 attempts all doing slightly different things each time which may or may not have affected anything, so for those still trying to get this to work… read my long post above then come back here:

    Before installing, turn off both your firewall AND Anti Virus (there’s a tiny note in the Vista instructions, but no mention in the XP set??) This seems to help with the “incorrect s/w version” eror some ppl get too. If you get to the infinite countdown timer as the updater is trying to start Phase 3 (like me, shantalas, cage), keep the phone connected to the computer, take out the battery, switch on in Download Mode (vol up + back button + power). It took me 3 attempts on this stage alone before the updater decided the phone was reattached and proceeded to process Phase 3, complete everything and reboot. As per the instructions, format the phone using the code, reboot and then check the versions.

    Now to install the handy apps listed elsewhere in this site ;)

    Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!! I went months with that EVIL BEEP and it’s finally gone! I did a few things. I removed the drivers, re-started the computer, re-installed the drivers and re-started the computer. I rechecked that my firewall and virus checker were off. I put my SIM back in my phone and started the upgrade. It got stuck at Phase 3 again so I took the battery out and put it back in then turned it on in download mode (vol up, back button and power button all at the same time) and when it came back on it switched from Active on to Active off and started Phase 3! UPGRADE IS NOW COMPLETE! Yeah!!! Just to check I reformatted with the code provided above. When it restarted I plugged it into the charger and then unplugged it and still no beep!!! Thanks again!

  307. tayistaz Says:

    man yesterday i tried this upgrade again and it worked finally i havent had a problem wit it yet hope i never do its workin great r there anymore applications comin out anytime soon????


  308. josh.kool Says:

    First of all, great update love it all.
    Second, while updating had a couple of problems such as not being in download mode…fixed easily again hold volume up+back while powering on.
    Third, great site and have almost everything here on my phone.
    Fourth I wanna push the Flexilis. Its a great service to be free. backs up stuff and seems to provide great protection and best of all a chimp could use it.

  309. marisaxox2 Says:

    hey , okay im just about to update it and it says S/W verison is wrong, Please check the device

    what do i do? please help !!!!!!!
    thank you so much

  310. plays2 Says:

    i keep getting this window that pops up and it wants my id and key or something how do i install this i need help asap

  311. MrChips Says:

    After trying all morning to install WM 6.1 and getting stuck in phase 3 like many , I finally went looking for the original BlackjackII install cd that came with my phone, popped it in and that’s all it took to load the correct USB drives at phase 3 and install went on without a hitch. I know I had read you need the original cd, but duh, I forgot.

  312. jahizen Says:

    is it possible to delete programs from within the windows folder? so much trash in there i dont need. like the media net, can i delete that?

  313. david Says:

    jahizen, you might be able to get rid some of it, but some files in the Windows folder are locked down pretty well. Also, be careful of what you delete since its hard to determine exactly how the Blackjack II relies on the files in there.

  314. belaus Says:

    Luckily, no problem with upgrade from XP SP3 because rolling back is a real pain. I did make sure to follow the serial drive installation instructions. I closed down all apps except from browser (’cause I needed to see the instructions). I temporarily disabled my virus protection and that was it.


  315. xpnkfemmex Says:

    xpnkfemmex Says:

    December 5th, 2008 at 3:35 pm
    Is there a way i can download windows mobile 6.1 without the CD? because i lost the CD.

    david Says:

    December 6th, 2008 at 12:55 am
    xpnkfemmex…. Its been awhile, but i think all the files you need are downloaded via Samsung’s update webpage….

    you’ve replied me but i have no clue what you meant. umm can you give me a link instead please?

  316. palindromic Says:

    to dr@ke and others, you *must* reboot the handset after Step 2. If you don’t, it probably won’t sync with ActiveSync..

    This fixed my problem.

  317. bball_i_12 Says:

    I upgraded my phone and there was no probs at all until it came to restore the data that i had backed up using pimbackup. The program would not run on my phone as i cant see it at all wen i search the phone for it. I need help as i dont want to have to re input all my contacts by hand and forget about the rest.

  318. DickNurant Says:

    I’ve been trying to upgrade my phone sever times over the past few days, it gets to phase 3 and just freezes. I’ve tried all the tricks, I’m running Windows SP2 and I have my firewall and anti-virus off. Now, it just freezes on the Windows Mobile splash screen on start up. I’ve tried to master reset, any help?

  319. bball_i_12 Says:

    David can you help me with this problem?

  320. david Says:

    bball – you copied pimbackup back onto your blackjack II after upgrading right? Also, youre using Programs > Applications > FileExplorer to search for the PIMBackup executable on your Blackjack II?

  321. Says:

    i have it downloaded on my computer but when i try to drag it over to my phone files through activsync, it says theres not enough room or something. Any chance you can take me step by step through it or something close to that? i REALLY dont want to mess up my phonee..


  322. david Says:

    Lindsey – you dont drag any files to your Blackjack II to upgrade it to Windows Mobile 6.1 – read through the directions supplied by Samsung, and follow them step by step and you’ll get it to work.

    You run the install on your PC with your Blackjack II hooked up to it via USB. The Installer will know how to copy all the necessary files to the Blackjack II on its own. All the programs you will run will be on your PC.

  323. tylorenright Says:

    Ok here is my problem, and I would really like it to be fixed ASAP! I downloaded the upgrade to WM 6.1 and I have followed the steps to a T! The downloader says “waiting for connection with pc” then I put my phone into downloader mode because that fails (waiting for the connection). I then connect the USB and this is what the page says:

    *USB Downloader – [BADA]

    USB Initial : OK
    PC Connection : FAIL

    [PHONE] Active OFF
    [PDA] USB Cable Power OFF

    Can anyone please help me fix this! I really want to download the update and the d*mn thing wont work!!

  324. rruready Says:

    I have a question. If anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it. When I go to install the modem driver I get an error message stating: “Samsung Mobile Driver was not installed successfully (15). There is a driver installed for the device, please uninstall it first.” Where do I go to uninstall this? Thanks in advance.

  325. rruready Says:

    Nevermind, I just realized I have Service Pack 3 and, from what I understand, there’s more problems with the installation using SP3 than it’s worth. Anyone know of any other way to have threaded text messaging on BJ2 WITHOUT upgrading to wm 6.1? Third party apps maybe?

  326. dtully23 Says:

    Hey, thanks for the links! If your phone is unlocked (meaning it can work with any carrier) will you still be able to successfully install WM6.1 with no problems?

  327. david Says:

    oliverlives – no – the upgrade cannot be installed via a CAB file. This upgrade involves reflashing your ROM, so something other than your phone has to perform that function.

  328. david Says:

    dtully – honestly im not sure :( .. I would ask in the Forums on this site.

  329. mercury Says:

    installed wm 6.1 upgrade succesfully on PC with XP Pro 64 bit SP2 and SIM unlocked BJ2.

    used PIM backup (2.8) to backup and restore contacts and SMS messages. Only difference was SMS messages became threaded in WM6.1.

    used modaca gps tool & SDA unlocker.

    installed most the registry updates, games, google maps, windows live, youtube prog, including the speed up tricks – all successful.
    some occasional lag navigating the menus but overall works pretty well.

    Voice command works (enable VC in vc settings & hold the globe button to activate)

    Haven’t tested GPS outdoors yet though but found 5 satellites by my window.

    BJ2 was sim unlocked and my o2 uk SIM still works after 6.1 upgrade however had to unlock the AT&T options in he gprs connection settings by changing a provider value in the registry and deleting a ICS value (forcecell…) in the registry.

    for some reason can’t access internet on the BJ2 while plugged into the pc though (via Activesync) .

    ICS works fine though.

    having trouble with getting decent flash site player working (eg. TCPMP with – any useful links / tips would be great


    PS ADMIN / MODERATOR: I couldn’t log in here to reply to this forum with Firefox 3.0.7 but worked ok with IE x64 (on Vista Ultimate x64)

  330. rruready Says:

    Well now I’m using a pc with Vista on it and I’m having the same problem that I posted about earlier: I have a question. If anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it. When I go to install the modem driver I get an error message stating: “Samsung Mobile Driver was not installed successfully (15). There is a driver installed for the device, please uninstall it first.” If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  331. dcolby Says:

    Has anyone figured out how to solve the “incorrect s/w version” problem? I have tried everything I can think of and am really about to just give up trying to install 6.1

  332. PedroHeizer Says:

    Hey david,
    As soon as I updated my phone to 6.1 I lost my 3G speed… now it’s only on E.. I know E is lower than 3G and it explains my internet being very slow… so you know how it can be fixed????

  333. jayjaylenhenson7 Says:

    I need help, I’m begining to think this upgrade was a HUGE mistake. I cant get internet access anymore because the ATT settings are locked in and I use T-Mobile. I see people intially offered advise at the beginning of this thread but I haven’t had anyone offer to tell me the steps in eliminating the ATT locked settings. I might as well buy a t-mobile smartphone. I’m losing valuable opportunities without my mobile email and internet.

  334. godfather101 Says:

    i dont understand so i download this to my computer and sync it to my phone?

  335. david Says:

    godfather101 – correct – you download the updater to your computer, hook up your blackjack II to your computer via Activesync and then run the updater FROM YOUR COMPUTER.

  336. mina17 Says:

    Ok well i upgraded my phone and i went to check my phone and PDA verion like it said on the directions. My PDA version said i67UCHJI like it said it should but my phone version says i67UCGK2 and i dunno how to get it to be the same…does it matter?? if soo help??

  337. SJW88 Says:

    ok so i just ordered my blackjack II, and am considering updating my phone to WM6.1 as soon as i get it. My question is, how exactly do you install all these things, starting from scratch on a phone? sorry for asking about this after all the info that has already been posted. but id just like to know how to start this whole process, and i dont have active sync or a backup nor do i obviously have WM6.1 installed on my computer yet. (as i said “scratch”)

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!! it would be much appreciated.

  338. SJW88 Says:

    and i am using windows XP… and one more question, if my phone is brand new (never been used) will the WM6.1 update effect my phone at all?

  339. jerrel72 Says:

    hey i got the 6.1 but my computer will not sync with my phone and how will i get the stuff off windows media center 6.0 to the new one? I have a 32 bit vista

  340. david Says:

    jerrel – plug your Blackjack II into your computer via USB, and in Vista goto your Control panel and open WMDC (Windows Mobile Device Center) it should detect your Blackjack II and start a Activesync connection. You may want to double check your Firewall and any anti-virus settings to make sure they arent preventing the activesync connection from being established.

  341. david Says:

    SJW88 – not sure what you mean. Running the WM6.1 will effect your phone in the sense it will install the WM6.1 update. Since your phone is new the WM6.1 update shouldnt cause problems with you losing any data, since your phone is new and presumably you havent added any data.

  342. jerrel72 Says:

    david does it matter if i already have one on my desktop for my wifes phone that still has 6.0? she is still skeptical

  343. david Says:

    jerrel – not sure that i follow. You can update one blackjack II to WM 6.1 and leave the other phone running WM 6.0. What do you “already have one of on your desktop” ?

  344. dev Says:

    i was trying to update my bj2 but when samsung told me to unplug it during (because my computer would not support the update) my phone said samsung in white with a black screen and that’s all i can get. when i press the center key and power i can reboot but it just goes back to the samsung screen again after whiping the whole thing. please help!!!!!!

  345. iCody Says:

    I know this question has probably already been asked, and I’m too lazy to go through all 300 posts, but while upgrading to 6.1 will it relock my phone? I have mine unlocked for T-Mobile and I really don’t want to go back to the store to get it unlocked again.

  346. icecoled7up Says:

    whenever i download the modem drivers for my blackjack from the given internet link, all i can do is “unzip the files” once it is saved onto my computer,but nothing happens. where do i go from there

  347. david Says:

    dev, read through this post:

  348. david Says:

    iCody – I assume youre talking about wiping a SIM unlock. Im pretty sure upgrading to WM6.1 will remove your SIM unlock.

  349. david Says:

    icecoled7up, DONT UNZIP CAB FILES!!! copy the cab file (not unzipped) to your blackjack ii and then run it from your blackjack ii.

  350. icecoled7up Says:

    DEV, during the boot up, hold “up” on the volume button. That’s what i had to do and my phone works now and has the update although it beeps as if im unplugging the charger every minute or so

  351. walterv1120 Says:

    this whole 6.1 looks great… on my friends phone… somehow her phone had the 6.1 when she got the pink BJ2 but i got the blue BJ2.. same place same time and hers has the 6.1 and mine has the 6.0… so i followed all the steps correctly adn got to step 4 part 9 and on my screen it says wait for connecting the device to the PC and i tried this whole ordeal like 10 times tonight and i got stuck on the same part!!!! so the first couple times i tried my phone screen read somethin like:
    USB downloader BADA

    please check your board ‘msm_res
    [phone] reset pin (forward arrow) low:off

    okay now wtf!… so then i figured out how to put it into download mode so its in download mode… my computer says its not connected but my phone screen now looks like

    *USB DOwnloader – [BADA]

    [Phone] Active OFF

    now im even more flared…

    im stuck, ticked, and lookin for some great help…


  352. dredmond1992 Says:

    Did u have to send your phone back to b reflashed after it went to the Samsung screen…???
    Anyone can help me with this problem!!

  353. dredmond1992 Says:

    What did u do with your problem?

  354. Industrio Says:

    I am having a problem restoring my backup that I created with PIM Backup now that I have 6.1 installed. I have 6.1 running fine and I can run PIM Backup but when I select to restore, my backup file does not show up when I browse for it. I can see it there when I explore around the phone but it just doesnt show up through PIM Backup. Any ideas? Everything else seems to be working perfect.

  355. icecoled7up Says:

    i got the update on my old blackjack fine, but then it broke and i have a new blackjack without the update now, so here i go again because i don’t remember what all to do=[ i download the modem drivers but i cant unzip them or copy them to my blackjack so im supposed to be able to do.. how do you copy them to the blackjack?

  356. katinka068 Says:

    i put my phone in download moade but, then it says that my phone isnt connected to the pc, when it is. The usb is plugged in and everything. I tired in over 10 times. What do i do to make my computer read my phone when my phone is on download mode?

  357. bball_i_12 Says:

    Thanks David that worked for me. Something so simple i did not see. Thanks to that the upgrade went perfectly and like the results. Thanks again.

  358. danielm298 Says:

    was scared to do the update, but i held my breath and did it!!!! i used windows vista and just followed the steps on the Samsung Update Web sight: a couple of hints, read all the post about the update to give u a feel for what ur doing, make sure u take ur battery out and sd card ( just to be safe) and GO FOR IT!!!!! oh and back up ur stuff, i used flexilis and worked great
    atlanta ga

  359. kevinnjulie Says:

    The issue with the awful beeping noise can be solved by making sure that you run the full install. When you install teh Modem and USB drivers, make sure that there is nothing occuping the COM5 which is what the Samsung CDMA driver needs. All I did was uninstall my Sierra Wireless Card and it opened up COM5. Once that was done I was able to run a full install, the other time it would stall at PHASE 3.

  360. ipe_sansan Says:

    i just got my blackjack2 and i notised that when i am dailing a number there is this pink backround i dont know how to change, can anyone help me!!!!

  361. lizard1012001 Says:

    is there a way to update my blackjack2 witout the installation cd??

  362. lizard1012001 Says:

    wut do i do when it is n bootloader mode n its been the same for at least thirty min now

  363. david Says:

    lizard – you can download all the necessary files form samsung’s web site. The samsung update web page provides links to all the drivers/software you need.

  364. m1k32477 Says:

    it says i need an ID and a key wat r those????

  365. m1k32477 Says:

    i get to the 3rd phase of the download then it says waiting for a next image and it doesnt load what am i doin wrong

  366. johnny dee Says:

    i need help im having trpuble downloading the modem plz help me

  367. johnny dee Says:

    everytime i try to download it it askes me if i wanna unzip it

  368. anetka07 Says:

    when installing it, I get to the point where I have to find the modems from task manger.. && they’re not there..

    someone help?!

  369. carlos arispuro Says:

    hi, i have problem with the upgrade, this is my problem “S/W Version is wrong. Please check the device” and i dont know what it means.!

    need some help please!

    thnx =)

  370. alextm747 Says:

    okay so im at step 4 where it says to double click on the file that says BlackJackII_WM6_1_Upgrade_For_Vista but when i do it it opens up and says application not found and i keep re downloading it and it keeps happening please help

  371. Toboe Says:

    any1 there i have sum update help… it is installing an is stuck at the part right after “[Good] _ DPRAM _ 0x45D44E”, it says Time : after that and the time number keeps rotating very fast and wont stop

  372. youngbrabbit Says:

    can i down load it without a sync cord?

  373. Big D Says:

    this seems really complicated. is it really worth the risks that i have read about on this site? does it boost reciption? That is the biggest prob i have with my BJ2, other than increasing the volume for all apps that use sound. I wanna try it but I’m skeerd..

  374. tdubwv Says:


    I lost my usb cord so I can’t connect my phone to my computer to update it. Is there any way i can do it without the usb cord? Please help!

  375. tdubwv Says:

    any1 please help me.

  376. tdubwv Says:

    i got the cord but my computer wont download the 6.1 thing. it downloads for a few seconds then stops and says it failed. im using vista. pleez help me.

  377. tdubwv Says:

    nevermind, i got it. i ended up having to use my moms windows xp. thanks! cant wait to try it out.

  378. tdubwv Says:

    i love it! is there wifi though?

  379. hoosier4974 Says:

    WTF, all three links to the Samsung update site are not working for me. It keeps timing out. Anybody else having a problem?? Is there any other place I can DL this??

  380. hoosier4974 Says:

    Well, the website links finally worked today and I started the install process; however, I got the same problem that others have had on here, “S/W Version is wrong”. I’ve searched this entire post/comments and have’nt seen a fix, does anybody know how to rectify this ??? (See below quote) PLEASE HELP

    Like this poster said, I am not getting the first screen where you are supposed to enter the two code numbers, it just goes straight to the second screen and it’s very hard to click the check box but I finally got it.

    # lovemybj2 Says:
    September 3rd, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    Like Skolastix, I too get the “S/W Version is wrong. Please check the device” message, but I do indeed have an i617, confirmed in several places on the phone by stickers and *#1234# … but my update software never gave me the initial prompt where you type in the two codes, so I’m curious if that had anything to do with it. I’m calling Samsung Tech Support right now about it. For what it’s worth, the version of my phone reported by *#1234# is i617UCGK2

  381. kpostin Says:

    i finally got to the downloading process but i got stopped at wher u connect your phone to the usb. i keep getting this pop up that says that device in not connected… but it clearly is. my computer isnt recognizing it now. but it has worked this whole time. any advice?

  382. lancealittle27 Says:

    Is windows mobile 6.5 available for the blackjack 2? if not, will there every be? is there perhaps any ROMS floating around that would install correctly on it?

  383. dannyl Says:

    i have succesfully updated my blackjack 2. I highly recomend doing it, but if you do make sure you follow directions exact!!!! if you get the annoying beeping sound, make sure you followed the step on installing the modem drivers. it is needed, also make sure if you do windows xp download, make sure your running service paxk 2. not 3. 3 does not work. to check go to start and right click on my computer and select properties. there it wil show you your service pack that your running….

    other than that youll be running your blackjack 2 on windows 6.1 …thanks for the upload!! keep up the great work!!! i will recomend this site to friends.

  384. mjbemont Says:

    okay ive done this before on a blackjack 2, then i sold that one i just bought one. I TRIED TO UPGRADE IT AND IT WAS ALMOST DONE THEN IT SAID FAILED.. I WAS LIKE NO BIG DEAL UNTIL I TRIED TO TURN IT BACK ON AND IT WONT GET PASSED THE SAMSUNG SCREEN . i have tried turn it back to factory settings . it wont get passed the samsung screen again! then i tried to connect it through the usb download mode or watever but then it fails to connect to the computer… WHAT DO I DO? I AM VERY PISSED AND WILL BE VERY HAPPY IF SOMEONE HELPS ME

  385. the_sasquash Says:

    Can someone please help me. I am using vista and followed the links and after acepting the user agreement im told ‘You are not authorized’ the url is
    What am i doing wrong?


  386. lsedragon Says:

    Hello, all. I just upgraded by BJ2-i617 to 6.1 at the end of last week. I don’t want to do anything too complicated, but I would like to be able to have ringtones and other sounds a little longer than 300 kb. Because I’ve already upgraded to 6.1, what should I do? If it’s something already posted that worked for 6.0 but will also work for 6.1, I’d appreciate the link. Thank you.

  387. lsedragon Says:

    Hello, again. Naturally, I found exactly what I was looking for just after I left the preceding message. Thank you so much. And, never mind.

  388. blackjack2hacker Says:

    Just a word of help to all those who tried this, I was running the ROM updater and after the three downloads my device read: “Time: “, and a number from 100 – 300 that changed too fast to see. On my computer the window read: “Waiting for a next image “. I wasn’t too pleased, thinking i had bricked my device, but i waited for at least an hour, still to no avail. So, i did the unthinkable and unplugged my device with text all over the screen… I then pulled the battery out, killing it, and then replaced the battery and restarted my device in download mode. My device reformatted and is now running WM6.1 seamlessly (with all those good tweaks and stuff from here too). WM6.1′s slider home screen absolutely rocks, and it trumps every theme I have for it (no offense to all those amazing designers, very impressive).

    Hope this helps someone!

  389. Crazyinnova Says:

    Man my bj2 everytime i download the phase 3 COM 4 it gets to 50% and it shuts off and turns my phone on. What should i do?

  390. ubatch Says:

    I wanted to note for those trying to find this answer on the internet – I tried installing the XP version of the update on Windows 7 with Compatibility set to XP SP2 with no luck. I did the update with the Vista file set to Vista SP1.

    As for the Modem update, I don’t think its supported with x64 or Windows 7, but I did end up setting that to Windows XP SP2 and it worked on the Windows 7 machine.

    Hope this helps anyone looking! I looked all over!

  391. user2289 Says:

    I have WM 6.1 … I thought there was some was to edit the sliding home page panel so that you could choose what you wanted on the screen. (For example I want to get rid of the Photos and Music parts of the sliding panel.)

    Please help!

  392. Thumperyz69 Says:

    Just a note to all since this thread hasn’t been very active lately.

    I had my MotoQ9h stolen 2 weeks ago and I bought A BJ2 off Ebay but it only had 6.0. Rats!!!

    Following this thread and the Samsung notes to the “T” I got my BJ2 upgraded to 6.1. I used Vista 32bit…. ( Of course I had to reload my laptop with Vista for this SOLE purpose.) Oh well…..

    Thanks to all…..

  393. sahib Says: problem is sort of self created…

    my black jack 2 was sort of working slow..

    so i deleted some of the programs from the applications from my stuff….ofcourse that was very stupid of me…
    and now my bj2 is acting worse…
    ive even lost my layout…other than not having my system working properly…thanks

  394. Anonymous Says:

    phone stopped texting!!
    how do i fix it? :[

  395. dhous25 Says:

    Anything new on being able to install with service pack 3? I cannot uninstall SP3 anymore and I need to upgrade a bj2.

  396. Cheyenne Beyer Says:

    My phone wont work with activesync! What do I do???

  397. Munna Says:

    Is there any news on if this update will work for vista service pack 2?


  398. John Says:

    I stopped the download to remove my sim card and now it wont work. What do I do.

  399. Arcy Says:

    Windows Mobile update is no longer on the samsung website! File some how became corrupted and no longer plays any of the ringtones with the exeption of the annoying AT&T one. Can someone tell me where I can find this file?

  400. gfig19 Says:

    has anyone sucessfully updated to windows mobile 6.1 with unlocked tmobile ?

  401. Esam Says:

    i have pro SGH-i627, i upgrade it windows 6.1, is it possible i can upgrade with diffrerent lanfuage like arabic,chinease, other language.also can we upgrade it to windows 6.5

  402. TSRose Says:

    The link for the Windows Mobile software is:

    Click “software” and select your operating system.

  403. j Says:

    how come i cant find the file when i click on the link it says tht the page is not found please help

  404. Mike Says:

    After about 6-7 hours of painstakingly trying to figure out how to update a blackjack 2 to wm6.1, I’ve finally gotten it done on windows 7 64bit. here’s how:

    download all necessary files as if you were installing on vista.

    Files to download

    scroll down and click software. youll need the top 3 files listed. (the second is actually optional but you want it).

    make sure you have active sync and follow the directions in the samsung instructions at the top for vista.


    when you try and install the modem drivers, it will fail under windows 7.
    you need to right click on the setup.exe and click “troubleshoot compatibility”
    then click “worked on an older version of windows”
    then finally click “windows vista” not vista with the service packs.
    let the troubleshooter run. and follow the rest of the directions as usual and it should work.

    I spent all damn day working on this. started it in windows 7 without the modem drivers and it stopped halfway and gave me the deathbeep. then re-ran it in xp SP3 and it told me the version was wrong. then tried again to get the drivers going in seven and viola.

    hope this helps someone. good luck.

  405. Mike Says:

    I wrote the instructions above in haste last night just to get all the steps down before I forgot any so I’ll clean them up here.

    Download files from Samsung.

    Click “Software” and download the files listed below.

    I said in the last post you’ll need the top 3 but you do not. The second one down was the daylight savings fix but it is no longer needed.

    here is the “description” and “OS” of the files you’ll need.
    1. Device(Install),Others (Software) (ver.4.40.7) — Win 98/ME/2K/XP
    2. Patch,Others (Software) (ver. — Win Vista (32bit)

    (I would post direct links but the site is written in javascript.)

    After they are done downloading, you’ll follow the steps outlined by Samsung here


    When you are told to install the Modem Drivers, step 2 says “double click Setup.exe” — DO NOT!
    The installation will fail!

    Right click setup.exe and select “Troubleshoot Compatibility”.
    The program compatibility tester will detect problems and will give an option to “Try recommended settings” or “troubleshoot program”

    Choose “Troubleshoot Program”

    When the window comes up you’ll select “Worked on an earlier version of windows…”

    Then choose “Vista” as the operation system( DO NOT CHOOSE VISTA WITH A SERVICE PACK) then click next.

    Click “start the program” and it will try and install under the new settings.
    If every thing is successful click next.
    You’ll be told that the driver had a compatibility issue. we know. :P

    Then follow the remaining steps on the Samsung instructions.

    Again, I hope this helps and good luck.

  406. Stewie896 Says:

    it worked thanks[:

  407. kayleen Says:

    alriightt everytime i click download center it says page not found..what do i do?

  408. Justin Says:

    I have 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premium, which it claims won’t work in the system requirements (32 bit).

    I tried downloading Windows Mobile Device Center, but it said that my processor is not supported (Core 2 Duo).

    I don’t have my original CD, which it claims I need.

    Now, I did see it says this:

    “Samsung has released a separate Downloader Tool to work on the Windows Vista Operating System. This was required due to the downloader’s requirement to work with Windows Mobile Device Center.”

    Is it referring to my problem I’m having with downloading the WMDC? If so, I clicked on the big Windows Vista banner it told me to, and then clicked on the download center, but it says PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND, so now what?

    I haven’t even gotten more than 2 feet into this, and I’m already stuck on multiple places, can somebody help? Thank you.

  409. paolo Says:

    hi good day!!! i got my backjack ii and its one hell of a phone!! however, i want to update it but i got it open lined so i can use it here in the Philippines. will i be able to update mine?

  410. John Munoz Says:

    Hi, I’m have some SERIOUS problems trying to upgrade this phone.
    Can you please explain STEP BY STEP on how to ugrade to 6.1?

  411. cjaqtt Says:

    My personal view is the same!

  412. rbentley74 Says:

    Im not a really big expert on phones, so this upgrade is kinda new to me. will i be able to up upgrade to the 6.1 with a prepaid togo plan? if so how will i be able to?